photo (2)In December of 1977, I stood in the AFEES station in Dallas, Texas, and raised my hand when the Marine Corp Major had all the enlistees recite the OATH to America. The oath contained a phrase about defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The pledge we all took that cold and blustery day, did not contain an expiration date.
Seven years prior to that ceremony, I gave my life to Christ in a small Baptist Church in Valley Mills, Texas.
Today; in my fifties, I  still love God, still love my nation, family and friends. I travel and speak about the greatest nation on earth, and what we need to do to reclaim her. There is little doubt that today our country is struggling. She is suffering with an enormous debt, leadership that doesn’t seem to have the capacity or will to alter this disastrous course we are on. She struggles with what to do about borders, taxes, jobs, defense, and more.
Having been ranch raised in that small town in Texas; I offer a  unique perspective to nearly all of the current events which permeate our news media on a daily basis. I joined the Tea Party movement just after it started in early 2010 and have been spewing my conservative rhetoric ever since. Join me daily to get a truly conservative, honest take on current events, as well as some outlandish cowboy humor laced within my writings. You can follow me on Twitter ( @kwrcrow ) or ”LIKE” my Facebook page;
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I don’t do Occupy events, Green events, nor anything involving donkey’s or Socialists. For those I suggest calling Barry, Nancy, Hillary or Moon Beam Brown. Have a great one, click the RSS feed and I look forward to serving you!