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    And the BLOOD will be on the Democrats Hands

    There comes a point when even the most compassionate of ideologies can cross into raving insanity. President Barack Obama and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have most certainly crossed the threshold of no longer just being screeching leftist ideologues. They now have crossed into the land of premeditated murder of innocent Americans. The imminent release of a several […] More

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    Obama and Holder are not just IDIOTS; THEY’RE GUILTY OF TREASON ALSO

    Today’s topic actually grieves me to write. I am talking about a sitting “PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” being potentially guilty of treason against our nation. Over the past five plus years, I have written probably a hundred articles that were less than flattering about our President. Most if not all of these articles […] More

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    Has Speaker Boehner and Congress become COMPLICIT in Treason?

      Yesterday Speaker John Boehner gave his answer to former Governor Sarah Palin’s echoing call for the impeachment of Barack Obama. On July 8th, Governor Palin had posted an open call for the House of Representatives to Impeach the President on her Facebook page as well as an appearance on Fox News making her charges and […] More

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    PROOF of why Barack Obama is GUILTY of Treason against America

    ~HEZBOLLAH~ Anyone that pays any attention to events in the Middle East knows that Hezbollah is a word that causes shivers down ones spine. Hezbollah is without question, one of the deadliest and most brutal terrorist organizations on planet earth. This terrorist organization has been directly responsible for some of the bloodiest attacks against America […] More

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    Open letter to Speaker John Boehner from the American People

      Below you will find my interpretation of what the Speaker of the House needs to do for both our nation and our people. I encourage each reader if you agree with this letter to “Like” it, share it, copy it and send it on to the Honorable Speaker of the United States House of […] More