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    The Hypocrisy and Lies of Obama’s Keystone Decision

    President Barack Obama wanting his legacy to reflect his love for green everything has decided to kill the Keystone pipeline. Even in the face of admitting that the pipeline would not put out fluorocarbons which do damage the atmosphere, Obama decided to kill the pipeline anyway. Obama had originally said, his reasoning for killing the […] More

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    Who and What is “Citizens For Trump”

    Ask most political operatives and they will tell you, “he with the best ground game wins elections“. How many times did you hear, “how on God’s green earth did Barack Obama win two elections“? Answer; Obama had an estimated 1,000,000 ground force that worked tirelessly for the want to be dictator, that’s how he did […] More

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    America is NOT prepared for ISIS Threat

    by; Frank Aquila Americans may not know the name Abu Bakr al Baghadadi like they know Osama Bin Laden; but if he holds true to his threat, American will know him in the same way they know Osama. Abu Bakr al Baghadadi is the terrorist leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS) […] More

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    Preppers, Patriots, Chicken Little, Oh My

          Have you ever had a conversation with a friend whereupon you wanted to scream; shut up and listen my ears are hurting? Last night beginning at 8:15 central time, the saga began. I began to hear about our tyrannical government and how it was taking over the people of America. I began […] More