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    There are LIES then there are DAMNED LIES about Donald Trump

    The revered and sometimes abhorred (depending on your political leanings) radio mega-star Rush Limbaugh lit up the airwaves yesterday with a scathing attack against most of the media. This included not just digital, but cable news, radio, print and on and on it went. Rush did not just attack these buffoons, but he dropped thermo-nuclear […] More

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    Explaining America’s Fascination with Donald J. Trump

    Years ago, I was driving somewhere (don’t remember where) and listening to the Rush Limbaugh program. I do remember it was a long trip and I particularly remember the very long recitation Rush was delivering on “why Hollywood is so Liberal“. The psychological profile Rush delivered on Hollywood’s ongoing love of liberalism was actually striking […] More

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    Will America Survive The STUPID Voter?

    As disconcerting as this might be, Americas demise might actually not be the economy or war or social unrest. Yes, one of those might be the end result, but Americas demise will no doubt begin with the great American stupid-voter! This Bill O’Reilly Talking Points should be a “must-watch” for everyone. Lest you think this […] More

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    The ONLY 3 Issues that Should Matter in the 2016 Election

    Depending on which constituency you ask, you will most likely get a different answer on which issues facing our nation are the most dire. Ask 100 college students, “what is the most important issue” facing our nation and 50 of “the skulls full of mush” (Rush Limbaugh’s description of youth) will most likely say, “we […] More

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    The Dem’s are correct, the GOP is STUPID!

    Yesterday I trundled down to my favorite lunch spot at a local pharmacy in town (yes they have an old-fashioned soda fountain) and ordered lunch. A friend of mine who owns the local State Farm Insurance agency was sitting next to me at the counter and we started chatting. You would have to know Tom, […] More

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    Will Barack Obama Attempt Martial Law?

      There is not a day that goes by that I do not hear someone speak the unthinkable. One can sense the fear and trepidation in many patriots thoughts and actions. Over the past 5 1/2 years (since Obama took office), the rise and proliferation of the “Prepper Movement” has been dramatic. You can log […] More

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    Conspiracy-Reality-and the Restoration of America

    OH MY GOD~THE BILDERBERG GROUP IS PLANNING A MASS TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD! How many times have you heard this? Be honest! Alex Jones (The King of Radio Conspiracy Theory) would not be able to earn a living without his daily reports of the Bilderberg Group and their supposed shenanigans.  We know for certain the group […] More

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    How to Save America; Your Instruction Manual

    I ran across an interesting transcript from the Rush Limbaugh program. You need to read this, then I would love to hear your thoughts. If Rush is right, and he usually is, then this might just be the answer. I realize he is trying to sell a book or two for his old buddy radio […] More

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