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    Is Donald Trump Damaging the Republican Party

    So far in this 2016 Presidential contest, probably the most shocking result is the meteoric meltdown of the Governor Rick Perry campaign. It was predicted that Perry would come out of Texas with a couple of chrome plated 44’s blazing and plenty of old-fashioned bravado and gravitas. So far all Perry has been able to […] More

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    Remember that “RACIST TRUMP”? He is leading in the Hispanic Vote!

    Just when you thought the Donald Trump takeover of the ‘establishment GOP’ could not get any funnier, this comes in! The headlines read; “Trump Leads Nevada Poll with Overwhelming Hispanic Support”. (read full story here)  So; help me understand this. Trump issues statements calling illegal aliens skipping across the border ‘criminals’ and he is labeled […] More

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    Who on the “RIGHT” can “DEFEAT” the Democrats

    One would think or rationalize that with the all the issues, scandals and controversy, Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid would be DOA before it ever began. Unfortunately there is something in the Clinton political DNA that doesn’t seem to allow for normality. Remember; it is the Clinton’s who walked away from felony real-estate scams, cattle future […] More

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    Can America Follow Greece? If Hillary WINS, then YES!

    My fellow patriots, conservatives and moderate Republicans; for those of you that have lived your lives with your respective heads in the sand, this will be somewhat hard to swallow. America is in very deep trouble! Allow me to explain “WHY” we are in so deep of trouble. If you by some chance did watch […] More

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    Are Christians dangerous for America at the Polls

    The “Townhall” headline reads; Iowa Caucus Kingmaker Assesses 2016 GOP Field and is written by (conservative nemesis) Iowan Steve Deace. The “Kingmaker” who Deace is referring to is a “(3-time failed Iowa governor candidate) named Bob Vander Plaats. The “Kingmaker” has not just failed at being elected Governor, but he has failed at choosing a nominee for the Republican Party. […] More

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    Can Ted Cruz actually win the White House

    The Washington Post is reporting that ‘inside‘ sources close to the fire-breathing Junior Texas Senator will in fact announce an out-right campaign for the Presidency Monday at Liberty University. There is now little doubt that the Republican Party is setting the stage for a massive “clash-of-the-political-titans” in the upcoming primary season. Liberty University (Primarily a […] More

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    Conservative Leadership Conference 2015; The reclaiming of America

    We have all sat in our comfy recliners and shook out fist at some politician or pundit on television and screamed ‘why don’t they get it’? Let’s be honest here, we in the conservative movement are frustrated, we are angry and we are fed up! It is pretty much agreed that “as goes the Tea […] More

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