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    The President Versus The Media

    Maybe it’s time for a good old-fashioned protest with 100,000 or so angry American citizens somewhere in the vicinity of CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. More

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    Healing America; The case for a Statesman rather than RHETORIC and POLITICS

    Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida has spent the week fending off attacks about ‘whether he would have gone to Iraq’ as his brother George W. Bush did. The Republicans are continuing their quest to take down the ‘Queen of Mean’ with everything from “lost” emails to Benghazi to fraudulent donations made to the Clinton Foundations in […] More

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    America’s ANGER; THEN versus NOW

    America; are these times the worst we have seen? Take heart my fellow patriot’s, our nation has seen much worse and we have always prevailed and became stronger for it. The decade of the 1960’s brought about a renewed hope for America’s future. America had a young vibrant family in the White House. The new President had called […] More

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    Is Rodney King saving Barack Obama

      The history of impeachment in America is to say the least a bit tainted. Most people seem to think that President Richard Nixon was impeached, he was not. President Nixon resigned to save America the horror of going through an impeachment trial. The truth is; he would most likely have been found guilty and been […] More