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    Remember that “RACIST TRUMP”? He is leading in the Hispanic Vote!

    Just when you thought the Donald Trump takeover of the ‘establishment GOP’ could not get any funnier, this comes in! The headlines read; “Trump Leads Nevada Poll with Overwhelming Hispanic Support”. (read full story here)  So; help me understand this. Trump issues statements calling illegal aliens skipping across the border ‘criminals’ and he is labeled […] More

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    Huckabee, Kasich and DML in New Hampshire; My Thoughts

    Normally on Saturday afternoon, I am (like most American males) watching something sports related on television. Particularly when we had thunderstorms rolling yesterday and the grass could not be mowed. Unless of course you wanted to risk being BBQ’d in your own front yard from lightning. Surfing through the channels, I ran across CSPAN and […] More

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    Dingy Harry Likes Graham and Rubio; LIES, Corruption and Lerner Walks

    Just when you thought you had heard it all, Harry Reid opens his mouth and changes your mind. Facing a near impossible chance of being re-elected and with bruises still visible on his face; Reid announced last week, he will be stepping down at the end of his term as Nevada’s ‘head liar-and-chief representative’ to […] More

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    Tea Party Is Winning; Time To Turn Up The Heat

     There are times in life when everyone wishes they were a fly on the wall in a room. Wouldn’t you love to be hearing some of the conversations transpiring across America emanating from campaign headquarters?   Incumbent Republican; But darn it Joe (Campaign Manager), I have been doing my job. I vote on bills, I attend parades […] More

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    2014 And The Political Blood Bath to Come

    If I were a sitting United States Congressman or Senator, I would be phoning my stock broker and making sure I had a financial backup plan. In case anyone is the least bit curious about the state of job security for these gentlemen and women legislators, stop in a small town café or a truck-stop. […] More

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    GOP Establishment is about to face the Consequences

    Since the advent of the modern-day Tea Party aka; the conservative wing of the GOP whom is now splintering we have tried delicately or not so delicately, to explain to the GOP establishment something very simple. That something would be; “get conservative or face extinction”. The GOP elitist would not listen and have not listened. The […] More