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    Government Widens its Unholy Attack on Christianity

    Political correctness has become so powerful, it is literally altering what Ministers, Pastors and Clergy can preach or not preach in sermons. Lest you think this is a joke, read this article from Todd Starnes at Fox News about what the prison system in Kentucky is doing with their own prison clergy. America; It is […] More

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    Burn Old Glory but “Don’t you Dare Touch that Rainbow Flag”

    Just when you thought you had heard it all!  WASHINGTON DC – An activist homosexual rights group today introduced a Gay Flag Desecration Bill to the House Homeland Security Committee, an action which appears to be riding the coattails of last month’s Supreme Court ruling that citizens have the right to marry within the same-sex. […] More

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    Are CHURCHES one culprit for America’s Decline

    Why do you go to church? If you’re anything like most people, you attend church for many reasons. Most attend or are involved for socializing with other like-minded folks to build friendships that last a lifetime. Many attend not just the services, but are involved in the women’s functions, volunteering their time to help local charities or assisting in fund-raising […] More

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    Are Fringe Activist Stripping America of Our Identity and Heritage

    Whether it is ‘speaking out’ anything conservative or simply flying ‘old-glory’, it seems that anything and everything to do with Americana is under-attack these days. Let’s face it America; anything that is patriotic and traditional in our nation today has been deemed as ‘hate-speech or bigoted or racist or any number of other monikers which […] More

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    Sometimes the news is so convoluted that most people just don’t have the time or inclination to fully evaluate each major news story. Never fear! CROWS NEST POLITICS is here! Welcome to our new weekly (at least I will try to make it weekly) summary of all the major news stories with good old-fashioned and practical […] More

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    Guess Who Else is Coming To America En-Masse

    I admit I was shocked when I saw a quick blurb in the Wall Street Journal this evening. The blurb was a story they were working on about the mass invasion of the LGBT community from Central America. It seems that it’s not just children showing up at the borders anymore. If you’re not sitting down, […] More