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    Dem’s are Losing Their Base

    It’s still far to early to sing “Happy Day’s are here Again“, but I can tell you the ‘fat lady’ might be warming up in the corridor outside. I ran across this tweet yesterday and said tweet had a link for a story from my friend “The Hermanator” aka; Mr. Herman Cain on his website. I […] More

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    CPAC-2015 is over; How Do We Win in 2016? “UNIFY” and Here’s HOW we’re doing it !

    America’s favorite ‘Mama Grizzly’ roared and Dr. Ben Carson impressed with his wisdom. The good Texas Senator revved everyone up with impassioned patriotism and ‘The Donald’ gave us construction lessons on “building big walls and how we are getting screwed over by the Chinese”. In the end; two of the dashing younger leaders took home the prize. This […] More

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    CONFESSION; The state of affairs in America today, does make me nervous about commenting on race relations in our country. What has happened when an American cannot comment or offer thoughts on a subject for fear of being labeled a racist? For the record; I am not a racist and don’t stand up and tell me I […] More

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    Why is OBAMA fueling FERGUSON, MISSOURI?

    Last night as I was watching Sean Hannity interview Niger Innis, Kevin Jackson and some liberal race baiter, Shepherd Smith broke in with a Fox News Alert. Apparently Ferguson, Missouri was on fire again and this time there were shooters taking pot shots at the police along with the routine of looting, tossing homemade bombs and […] More