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  • Image of Twin Tower under attack.

    9-11; The Cost are INCALCULABLE in more ways than ONE

    As America watched in horror “live” on every news outlet that fateful morning of September 11, 2001, we knew the cost were going to be enormous.  We knew the cost monetarily would be astronomical initially, if for no other reason than the cost of the Twin Towers. The repairs to the Pentagon, paying off life insurance […] More

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    FEMA CAMPS; Fact or Fiction?

      Over the last couple of weeks; I have received several phone calls from patriots that expressed extreme concern over FEMA camps and the impending rounding up of Tea Party types by the Obama Administration. Today’s submission will not be dedicated totally to the subject of FEMA camps but will also explain what is actually going […] More

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    Guess Who Else is Coming To America En-Masse

    I admit I was shocked when I saw a quick blurb in the Wall Street Journal this evening. The blurb was a story they were working on about the mass invasion of the LGBT community from Central America. It seems that it’s not just children showing up at the borders anymore. If you’re not sitting down, […] More

  • Image of Gang of 8

    Obama’s Immigration Bill Will Complete America’s Destruction

    Several groups have completed in-depth analysis of the Senate bill that came down from the Gang of 8 led by Marco Rubio last April. Many questions surround this bill, but let it be known, this bill is exactly what Barack Obama wants for America. Forget the massive kickbacks included in the bill, forget the cronyism and the lies. The […] More