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    We The People (Peasants) ARE RISING UP

    My father once asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up son”? My answer was “A KING”! I then explained that I wanted to be a King because I could tell everybody what to do and I would be rich. My dad then went on to inform me that kings only […] More

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    Has the TEA PARTY become the Democrats new BFF?

    Ask any Republican or Tea Party conservative in America who some of the most disliked Democrats are and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s name will no doubt be near the top of the list. Of course Harry Reid heads up the list for the Senate with California “Retired Rocket Scientist” Nancy Pelosi as the chosen one for […] More

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    As OBAMA drafts AMNESTY; McConnell and Boehner remain SILENT, WHY?

    Be they the RIGHT decisions or be they the WRONG decisions; one thing can be said for Barack Obama, “He has kept most if not all of his promises”! Obama has kept his promise to fundamentally change America. He kept his promise to gut the evil coal industry, ramp up those beautiful windmills we all enjoy […] More

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    BREAKING NEWS; Dems on verge of LOSING more States, LET’S FINISH THIS TEA PARTY!

    President Barack Obama and his plunging popularity is; the “GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING” in this mid-term election cycle season. States once thought to be solidly BLUE and Democrat stronghold’s have now had “Buyers Remorse” over their Democrat vote. The Blue and Purple colors are now beginning to show tints of RED highlights coming through in their […] More

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    LATEST MID-TERM NEWS ABOUT the HOUSE and SENATE races! The Tar Heel State is already neck deep in voting controversy and November 4th has yet to arrive. It appears that the OBAMA ELECTION MACHINE has kicked into high gear to protect the sycophant Kay Hagan’s Senate seat. The Patriot’s worst nightmare of “ILLEGAL ALIENS” voting to swing elections is […] More

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