(Tea Party Community)  The Tea Party Community is the Internet’s largest social community for like-minded conservatives. Join, log in and begin making friends. TPC has many features that Facebook doesn’t even have. It is fun, interactive and a great place to keep up with everything “TEA PARTY”.

(Tea Party Tribune) The Internet’s largest Tea Party/Conservative News Source. This site is laid out extremely well and is very easy to navigate. The site also boast some very prolific writers that are rising super-stars in the world of conservative journalism.

(Sculpting Our Heroes) Gregory William Marra is one of my newest heroes. Gregory is a master sculptor who does incredible work. Not only doing lifelike sculptors of George Washington (even does them in bronze), but he also does famous native Americans and our fallen heroes from Seal Team 6. If you even wanted a bust Abraham Lincoln for your office desk or you wanted something nobody else has, you must check out Gregory’s work. He does custom art as well, do give him a call.

(Caiden Cowger Program) Caiden Cowger is a young man from West Virginia and when you listen to this new radio prodigy, you will never believe he is only 15 years old. If Caiden is our conservative future over the air waves, then we are leaving our nation in very good hands. Caiden is not just entertaining but he is informed and talented. Do yourself a favor, check out our future and listen to this conservative fire breather.

(Wayne Dupree Show) Wayne Dupree is the conservative News Ninja. At News Ninja 2012 you can get Wayne’s take on all the current news events from an African-American conservative point of view. Wayne is not just a good friend of Ken Crow, but he is a true patriot that is fighting to restore this nation. He is a regular speaker at major events as well a blogger, reporter, writer, great dad, fabulous husband and a devoted Christian.

(Political Innovations) So you want to run for office? You’re sick and tired of the status quo and want to make a difference. Political Innovations will help you get in the game and let your voice be heard. Whether you want to run for Sheriff, City Council or United States Senate, PI can assist you with talented folks that will help you in your quest to win that position you seek. Political Innovations has not only built some of the classiest and most popular campaign websites on the Internet (in many cases 1/2 the price of most other companies), but they can also provide you with fund-raising, social media assistance and marketing. Do check them out if you’re in need of a great press secretary, advisor (from junior to senior), campaign manager or just some advice on how to win.

(Cavenders) This is totally out of left field and has nothing to do with politics what-so-ever. Many have asked me “Ken; where do you get those great looking boots and hats from”? I have shopped for over 25 years at Cavenders in Texas. Cavenders is without question the King of Western Stores for fashion. They are the largest retailer in the world for Justin and Tony Lama boots as well as Larry Mahan and many other brands. They are also cutting edge for western fashion design. PS; The black hat that I wear is a RESISTOL BLACK GOLD 20X model and I am on my 6th one now over 30 years. Great hats! A bit spendy though, but oh so worth it.

(Hard Eight BBQ) Another ringer from right field. Are you a BBQ fan? Allow me to make a suggestion. As a matter of fact, let me hit you over the head with this one. Hard Eight from Stephenville, Texas. Stephenville is known for being the “Cowboy Capital” of the world. No, I am not claiming that Stephenville has better cowboys than Montana, but they do have more World Champion Rodeo Cowboys. If you want to build a restaurant and survive in Texas and particularly Stephenville, you better serve BBQ and it better be good. Hard Eight is worth the drive whether your from Denver, Nashville or Toledo. Trust me folks, this place is incredible. It is the Disney Land of BBQ destination resorts. PS; If you show up at lunch time, you can probably visit with Ty Murray (the greatest rough stock champion in the history of rodeo) or Jewell his beautiful wife (folk singer and television star). They are known to frequent Hard Eight on nearly a daily basis. Strap onto a bull or bucking horse and you will know why it is named “Hard 8” as in seconds.

The Josh Bernstein Show; This fellow is one of my favorite radio show host. He is a fire-breather of the first order. Be advised, he is tough and he is “right“.