By all accounts, fear and shock waves are rippling through the White House and Chappaqua, New York (the home of Hillary Clinton) currently and with good reason. As Hillary tries in vain to sell her mantra of “Bill and I” left the White House ‘Dead Broke‘ to the American people, Donald Trump and other GOP hopefuls are ratcheting up the rhetoric of Hillary’s illicit activity. 

Of course today, we know that Hillary and Bill were far from being ‘Dead Broke’. In fact; since leaving the White House Bill and Hillary have earned an estimated $221,000,000.00 from speaking, salaries and book deals. Here is a break down of the Clinton’s income for the last 14 years. 

•  2000 = $357,629
•  2001 = $16,165,110
•  2002 = $9,556,550
•  2003 = $8,033,374
•  2004 = $20,264,179
•  2005 = $18,056,395
•  2006 = $16,063, 908
•  2007 = $21,199,212
•  2008 = $5,573,351
•  2009 = $10,223,318
•  2010 = $13,244,484
•  2011 = $14,899,484
•  2012 = $19,993,299
•  2013 = $27,093,859
•  2014 = $28,336,212

Looking at this salary breakdown over the past 14 years and even the year they left the White House in January of 2001 (2000 salaries totaling over $350,000) leaves little doubt that Hillary is a proven and efficient liar of the first order. This of course begs the question, if she lied about being poverty-stricken, what else has she lied about?

Hillary Clinton’s fear and loathing might not be her issues of lying to the American people. Hillary’s issue might be with Donald Trump. As ‘The Donald’ keeps rising in the polls, I am pretty sure that Hillary and Barack are eating more Tums and Rolaids.

Why you ask? Why would Hillary and Barack fear Donald Trump so much? Is it his impeccable honesty? Is it the his deep seeded dislike for Barack Obama? Enter South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy!

Gowdy as we all know has headed up the House Select Committee, which has spent the last several years investigating the Benghazi incident which resulted in 4 Americans being killed (after being tortured) by terrorist when their Embassy compound was over-run back on September 11, 2012.

Many feel as though Hillary Clinton was almost totally responsible for the deaths of these 4 Americans of which one of the dead was the United States Ambassador Chris Stevens.

This is the reason for the fear. Back on July 28, Donald J. Trump sent this Tweet out to his millions of followers. Trump Tweet on GowdyFor those that are unaware; @TGowdySC is none other than Congressman Trey Gowdy’s Twitter handle. You’re correct, Trump just tweeted out that he is selecting Gowdy to be the United States Attorney General if he is elected. In case you’re unaware of it, Gowdy’s nickname on Capitol Hill is “The Pitbull”! He is a fighter, he is tenacious and he doesn’t let go until he obtains the truth or a conviction. 

If you’re Hillary and Barack, it’s now time to quiver in your socks. Gowdy already doesn’t like Hillary because he knows full well she has lied for a very long time over Benghazi about what she knew and when she knew it. He also knows the truth about what Barack Obama and Clinton were doing in the Embassy in the first place and why it was attacked. All of the above of course being criminal in nature.

Pile all of this on top of Hillary’s busted lies to the Sub-Committee (her testimony) over the E-Mail scandal and her servers and now we have a case of “does Gowdy” actually prosecute a former Secretary of State and President of the United States?

There is now precious little doubt that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are guilty of “Crimes against the State”. There is almost zero doubt as to whether both are guilty of felonies. Now the question becomes, does Gowdy actually prosecute? If ever America was going to prosecute a former Secretary of State and President, this is the guy who would do the dirty deed.

If Gowdy did prosecute, what would that mean if he obtained a conviction? Can or do you as a nation send a former President to jail over activity they were involved in while serving in the highest offices in the land?

The laundry list is indeed very long of crimes both of these were involved in. Everything from housing top-secret emails on a private server to running illegal weapons into war-torn areas where it is against the law to commit such activity. We have “Fast and Furious” which is still unsettled, accepting foreign money from “unfriendly” nations to foundations that are funneling money into private campaign accounts and a whole host of other activity. The President signs illegal executive orders (Amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens being just 1) to subverting Congress and his list is also long and prestigious for criminal activity.

We all know it is way to early for predictions, but you have to admit, it most assuredly be entertaining to see the mug-shots of these two in an orange jump suit standing in front a “how tall are you graph”.

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