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    Was she soliciting contributions for her “Clinton Foundation” from the Saudi Arabians and other players? More

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    In answer to “Trump”

      Trump wants to rebuild our military to accomplish what Reagan said, “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH”. What do you mean “rebuild”? We already spend more on military spending than the next 7 countries combined. How much is enough? Trump wants to “use” the military, not rebuild it. His comments on being willing to use nukes is […] More

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    If I Was a Muslim

    If I was a Muslim I would be confused and confounded. Many good Muslims and mullahs keep saying that Islam is a religion of peace and yet I see worldwide terrorist actions as the perpetrators yell “Allah Akbar”. How can these attacks on perfectly innocent lives be justified? Who is indoctrinating young people who have […] More

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    From its founding, America was established as a Judeo-Christian nation. There are numerous quotes, facts, and imprints on America to prove this fact. More

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