In case you missed the Democrats positions on border security during the Obama administration and prior, here is a quick look back.

Obviously with a national budget hoving at or above some $4-Trillion dollars a year, finding a measly $5.7-Billion for a border wall/fence/barrier (or whatever else we are calling it these days), should in reality not be a problem.

In case you happened to have missed the President’s address from the Oval Office last night, here it is again in its entirety.

During his address, last night, many Democrat-leaning and capitulating publications tried in vain to diminish the President’s speech by having everything he said “fact-checked.” The end result was, his numbers were accurate, and his argument for border-security could not be scrutinized.

Today the Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many others are not coming to the table in good faith. In fact, they are no longer representative of their guiding legacy of the Democrat party. What the Democrats have morphed into is a party of activism to rid America of this President, because they have yet to admit or accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

Nancy Pelosi shrieks from the hilltop that Donald Trump wants a wall because he is a racist. The truth is, walls, fences, barriers or whatever works. The United States Border Patrol has repeatedly stated that in the zones running through El Paso, Texas, illegal border crossings are down dramatically since the government installed fences a few years back. Israel established walls, and their government claims they significantly reduced issues with their enemies. While it is a dark blot in history, look at the wall that ran through Berlin, Germany. Walls work, and that is the truth.

The President amazingly did not mention terrorism last night in his address. I wondered why, but with the amount of data he gave us regarding drugs, illegal crossings, arrest made of criminals, and more, I suppose he did not feel as though he needed too.

If you don’t feel as though terrorist are walking into our nation, take a drive down to Douglas, Arizona and visit with a few ranchers. They will not hesitate to tell you about the amounts of prayer rugs they have found on their properties.

Ask yourself a simple question; “why are the Democrats so opposed to securing our borders from illegal aliens walking into our nation?” What could the possible reasons be as to why they are so bitterly opposed to us stopping illegal traffic onto American soil?

Election results is the answer! The Democrats now own California and its 55-electoral votes. The next big prize is Texas with its 34-votes. With the recent mid-terms having swung Wisconsin’s Governor’s race to a Democrat, and the same in Michigan, these two substantial electoral states are now in peril of going blue in 2020.

With the many lawsuits still in the balance over voting rights, in many states, the Democrats have managed to make it legal to vote with no identification. I know, I seem to be jumping subject to subject here, but just follow me for a moment.

The hardcore reality for Trump supporters is this. In Texas, Beto O’Rourke raised some $80-Million for his race against Senator Ted Cruz. Democrats now control the cities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso. The bulk of the population for this state are in these cities. Dallas is now over 60% minority being African-American or Hispanic. Cruz barely won his Senate by less than 2% in a hard-fought race. What happens when Texas acquires a few more Hispanics who tend to vote Democrat?

Keep in mind that Texas was a Blue Democrat stronghold for over 100-years up until just recently. Under the current climate and the way the political winds are shifting, it is entirely likely that Texas may very well return to the blue column in 2020. If this happens, the White House is lost for the Republicans for the foreseeable future. Florida and her 27 electoral votes are also hanging in the balance, and that state could also very easily go blue. With Michigan heading back blue, Wisconsin tilting left, Texas precariously hanging on and Florida up for grabs, this is why the Democrats are fighting so hard to have as many “new immigrants” on the rolls as possible.

As sickening as this is; this is why the Democrats are passing out ‘food-stamp cards, welfare checks, housing allowances, and all the rest.’


It is as simple as that. It is time to call a spade a spade and stop mincing words. The Democrats are using taxpayer money and wanting open borders to bring in millions of new voters (forget the Constitution, this is what is happening) to swing these important states to grab power for the next century.