The Ron Paul acolytes are today rejoicing over President Trump’s decision to pull our troops out of the Middle-East and dissolve our presence in this volatile region. Both sides of this issue are voicing their opinions loudly as to whether or not this is a positive or negative for the United States. For the past 48-hours, very rambunctious arguments have been lodged across social media, debates have ended in shouting matches on news talk shows, and many Americans are left wondering, “who’s right and who’s wrong?” 

A couple of items which we do know are true. 

  • The President believes that we should come home from several foreign locations, mostly in the Middle-East.
  • The President believes that “all of these wealthy nations” should be ‘paying their fair share‘ for national defense.
  • Vladimir Putin is expanding his footprint dramatically in the Middle-East particularly in Syria, and now he has been courting the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.
  • While the cost initially of the ‘War on Terror’ was in fact extremely costly, today, we actually spend very little to keep troops in Afghanistan and Syria. Regarding what we were spending 10-15 years ago, today’s cost is but a fraction of that. Some say it is almost insignificant concerning our nation’s budget.

In the interest of openness and not being considered ‘Fake News,’ I’m in the corner of “this is a horrible idea” to bring home our presence in the Middle-East, and here is why!

Since the 1950s, we have maintained a significant presence in South Korea. Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t believe for a minute that if we had not kept a substantial presence on the Korean Peninsula, the North would have invaded the South again decades ago? The fact is, yes, Kim Jong Un’s father or grandfather would have invaded and likely caused a third World War. It is much, much less expensive to maintain troops in South Korea than it is to ramp up for another war and send hundreds of thousands of soldiers plus the support needed to carry out an operational war. 

How about Japan? We have had several continually operating military installations in Japan since 1945. Over the centuries, China and Japan have had many confrontations. Part of our agreement to force Japan to sign the peace-treaties ending WWII was that we would maintain a military presence to protect that nation and Japan would never again have a major military force. Yet, the Paul acolytes want us to come home and forgo those agreements. This policy is doing nothing but inviting trouble from rogue nations will ill intent. 

Then there is Germany. After two-World Wars, you would think that all of America would want to keep a large military presence in Germany. But, many still complain about maintaining military installations in this country. Remember the ‘Cold-War?’ What do you think would have happened to Europe had we not maintained fighter squadrons, bombing squadrons, missiles and tens of thousands of soldiers in Germany? Do you honestly believe for a moment that Russia would not have kept seizing nations across Europe? Again, you would have had another World War, and this time, it very likely would have ended with nuclear weapons being used.

How about Guam? Yes, we have B-52 bombers stationed in Guam. Why? Because it allows the United States to have a forward presence in Asia where if needed, they don’t have to fly 15-hours to get to Asia, but only a few hours. In other words, it allows for a much quicker strike if need be to nearly all of Asia. Still, want to bring them home too?

Here is the deal my fellow Patriots. What we invest in foreign presence is minuscule spending. The President claims we are “paying for the defense” for these nations across the globe. We are NOT paying for the defense of England or her many satellite nations. We are not paying to defend New Zealand or Australia. By having our military bases in the Philippines, Hawaii, Japan, and South Korea, we are maintaining a presence in that region. By keeping military bases in Italy, Germany, and other NATO nations, we maintain an appearance that protects Europe.

Patriots; It’s called treaties and keeping America’s promises. It’s called “RELATIONSHIPS” and maintaining those relationships to create and sustain peace in these regions.

Let us now circle back to Syria and Afghanistan. This region is particularly unique because of the infusion of religion. The Muslim faith demands that as long as there are “Infidels” on ‘Holy-Land,’ the soldiers of Islam must continue to do battle to force them to leave or eradicate them. The actual situation is this; when we leave the region, they will be coming to America to do battle on our soil because they believe they are carrying out the will of Mohammed and Allah.

The President needs to understand (and this is what James Mattis tried in vain to explain) that these people are carrying out a “JIHAD” on behalf of Allah and the Prophet. By coming home, they are no longer focused on their holy-land, now they can redirect their attention to the United States. If the President fulfills his promise, you can expect a major attack on the United States rivaling that of ‘Nine-Eleven.’

Look at who’s opposed to this pullout. Former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, dozens of Generals, dozens of Ambassadors, and fundamentally anyone who knows something about foreign policy is opposed to this action. Even Donald Trump supporters such as Senators Graham, Cruz and many others are saying this is a catastrophic mistake. This action in effect hands the Middle-East over to Russia and gives away our long-standing relationship with Saudi Arabia. This in addition to the abdication of our ability to instantly respond to Israel if need be. Israel is now frightened, and to me, this is inexcusable of epic proportions.

No my fellow patriots; this pullout of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq is a very, very bad idea.

Mr. President; We love you, we love what you’re doing for America, but this decision must be rethought out, and you really should listen to your advisers and people who have decades of experience in this arena. This decision will end in disaster as you know as well as anyone else that whatever happens in the Middle-East nearly always travels around the world in very short order.