The year 2018 was interesting, to say the least. Our fierce leader was all over the map, having traveled to Europe, Asia, and many other spots. I think he only missed the Antartic. President Trump put many global leaders on notice that they must now ‘pay their fair share’ for our defense of them, and he officially began the war for a wall to shut down our Southern Border. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were created, and business seems reasonably happy with the results of the new tax code and the many regulations that POTUS took off their collective backs where they could breathe again.

As predicted by many, the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives, and the downside to that is the mischief they’re going to create in the coming year. Give a child a little power and that child can become very troublesome.

The coming year of 2019 has many, many touchy spots which have the potential to become significant stories and or could become very dangerous for all. Let’s start with the hot spots.

  1. The Middle-East: I have a friend who usually is a very good prognosticator of political and foreign relations. This guy is often spot on. However, on this topic, we are currently disagreeing. Craig seems to think that President Trump’s pullout of Syria and Afghanistan is a good thing. Russia has promised to finish the clean up of ISIS alongside Syria. He also says that by us leaving, this will turn the temperature down in the Middle-East and most everyone will sing Kumbaya. I’m not so sure. My theory (and yes, until something is proven, that subject is always theoretical) is that by us creating a void, it will encourage ISIS (who still have some 5,000 terrorist troops in Syria) and help them recruit more. They can run around telling the world that they forced the United States out of Syria. Madison Avenue could not have come up with a better marketing plan for ISIS than us pulling our presence out and coming home. I fear the day in the near future when ISIS or Al Qaeda will once again attack the United States with an assault that rivals 9-11. The part that most are forgetting is that ‘as long as America is on their land, they are theologically forced to fight us.’ If we leave their land, now they can turn their attention to attacking us on our soil. This is their religious dogma. Also, by us leaving Syria, there is no longer a buffer between Iran and Israel. This action all but guarantees that Syria or Iran will begin attacking Israel with longer range rockets. Not the little ones that Hezbollah lobs into Tel Aviv. Lastly, Russia will now have control of Syria and have a much more significant presence in the Middle-East.

2. The Economy: The economy is not doing nearly as well as it was a year ago. My prediction is that it does continue to grow, just not at the rate it was. I think somewhere around a 2% growth rate is probably close to what it will do. I also believe that General Motors is going to be forced into rethinking their cut and run they recently announced. The publicity that Trump will shine on this is not good, notably since GM received so much bailout money under Obama. I predict their sales will begin to sag and between Rush Limbaugh and President Trump, they will be pounded into submission. I also predict that dark days are ahead for little super-geek Zuckerburg. I think Facebook is going to keep getting horrible PR and their membership will continue to decline. I don’t know exactly how they will do it, but I do think that “rumors” will begin as the government begins looking into “how to break up” the monopoly that Facebook has on social media. They have too, Facebook has become too powerful, and Capitol Hill is not going to allow this social media giant to control who wins and loses elections. What they begin discussing is anyone’s guess, but I believe something will be discussed, and the rumors will be rampant. I believe you could actually see a play made to remove Mark Z. from being CEO.

3. The Democrats: Nancy will win Speaker of the House, and things will get very interesting on Capitol Hill. Pelosi has already said that ‘there isn’t enough to cause impeachment hearings for the President.’ However, Robert Mueller’s report has not yet been released. Once this report comes out, this will determine if Pelosi’s chamber will conduct hearings. The smarmy Adam Schiff will go after Trump as hard as he possibly can. We will see a flood of subpoenas on a litany of topics and to a boatload of recipients. We should see an almost daily battle between the House and the White House over both policy issues and budgetary issues. We will now find out if our President is an actual Republican conservative or is he a closeted Democrat posing as a conservative Republican. If Trump begins capitulating to Pelosi, then we have our answer, and his re-election chances can be thrown out the window. If he fights with her and does so in a public fashion, then his chances are good if Mueller doesn’t bury him first. Expect the Dem’s to start WWIII over the wall and fight the President at every turn over how the poor starving and fearful immigrant wannabees are being treated at the border.

4. Iowa Caucuses: California flower child Kamala Harris runs for President. I don’t think Pocahontas does as she is far too tarnished with her thinking she is the granddaughter of Geronimo or Cochise. However, we will see Beto (whatever his name is) from Texas toy with the idea that a failed Senate run qualifies him to be President. We will see our Crazy Uncle’s Bernie and Joe Biden jump in for another swing at the bat. The front-runner for the Dem’s, in my opinion, is our loud-mouthed Senator from Jersey named Booker. While Iowa is important for the Dem’s, it is in reality not that important. If Corey Booker can raise enough money, I think he may be the real threat for the nomination for the Dem’s. Here is where it gets fascinating. You are going to see the President challenged if he has any weakness at all by the summer. I predict you will see former Secretary of Defense James “Maddog” Mattis jump in to challenge the President for the nomination. Remember patriots; You heard it here first. 

Lastly; Hillary is finished, kaput, finito, done. She doesn’t run and is scrambling to evade prison.