When watching the news, and it doesn’t seem to matter which network, the administration of President Donald J. Trump appears to be crumbling under the constant scrutiny of the media and the American people. If it were just the media, it would be one thing, but sadly it is not. Currently, the President and those surrounding him are under seventeen (17) separate investigations of which most are in Federal legal offices. 

It is very common for an administration to have turnover in critical positions that require that person to work on average of over 6-days a week and 12-plus hour days. Posts such as Press Secretary, Chief of Staff, key advisers and even jobs such as the Secretary of State are without question grueling positions. It is seldom that some of these positions will have the same person remaining for an entire four-year-term of the President. However, with this President, we have had a turnover unlike any in history. In just a little under two years, there have been a staggering one-hundred-and-seventy (170) key staff positions that have turned over. 

While some of the officials have left their originating positions to be promoted to other posts, the fact is, many of the 170 have left due to investigations, resignations because they couldn’t get along with the President, or they could not deal with the chaos within the White House. An example would be when President Trump appointed former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to the position of Secretary of State. In his appointment Trump praised Tillerson, and we would have thought the former CEO walked on water. 

Less than two years later, the President claims that Tillerson is “dumb as a rock.”

It is perfectly reasonable for an employer to hire an employee that ‘later down the road’ they may or may not completely ‘gel’ with. The employee may have a different vision than that of the employer. Again, that is normal. But 170 times? It has become more and more apparent that this President has issues with governing within the law. A very troubling example of this is today’s news that the Trump Foundation is being dissolved by the New York State Attorney Generals Office. In a statement put out by the New York AG’s office; “Under the terms, the Trump Foundation can only dissolve under judicial supervision – and it can only distribute its remaining charitable assets to reputable organizations approved by my office.” According to prosecutors, President Trump had been using his foundation as a ‘piggy-bank’ of sorts and even used it to fund part of his Presidential campaign.

Personally speaking; I don’t know if the President is guilty of any of this. As if this isn’t bad enough (and this is a very dark cloud hanging over the White House), but when you add it to the 17 other investigations. Then add it to the U. S. Attorney from New York City who very likely will file charges against the President for the payoffs to Stormy Daniels and company, this is not good for this President or the nation as a whole.


There is very little doubt that the President’s popularity is being affected by the constant stream of negative press surrounding his staff, the Robert Mueller investigations and now this latest with possible indictments of the President himself. The most recent Real Clear Politics average (dated 12/17) has the Presidents approval rating at a dismal 42%, and that number is very likely to drop if the Continuing Resolution is signed by him and he gives up the wall that he has promised for over 2-years.

One other issue that will no doubt cause alarm within President Trump’s base is his announcement that he is going to “ban” all bump-stocks for semi-automatic weapons such as the AR-15. This announcement is going to infuriate Second Amendment defenders, and a good portion of Trump’s base who (for the most part) are gun enthusiast. Articles are already out and being posted online about how Trump is now showing his moderate colors and was never a true conservative.

I’m not going to get into whether the President is a closeted Democrat or a moderate Republican or whatever. The fact is; he is our President be it right, wrong, or indifferent. I am going to say this much.

The President of these United States might very well be in serious legal jeopardy. He is consumed much as President Nixon was during Watergate with legal trouble. This constant barrage of attacks is taking a toll on this White House. When the Democrats take power next month, it is only going to get worse as many of their leaders have already announced. I am not going to say it, other than to say ‘maybe, just maybe’ it is time for President Trump to begin pondering his future.

President Trump arrived with so much promise for this nation. His rhetoric echoed across our country of a brighter future, and certainly a more prosperous one. Whether it was from his inability to show humility, to show his humbleness, or maybe it was his firebreathing honesty when Tweeting, nevertheless, his presidency is now crippled. The sad truth is; Hillary Clinton and her gang of swamp rats are now winning. Robert Mueller has what appears to be an overwhelming amount of evidence against many of the Presidents campaign team including the President himself.

Patriots; I am not writing this trying to be a dooms-dayer type of person. You know that I have been ‘by in large’ (except when he would say something stupid on Twitter) a huge Trump supporter. I endorsed him a full 4-months before he came down the escalator at Trump Tower. I supported him in the face of a massive amount of blowback from the patriots who were supporting Ted Cruz. But the tragic truth is, President Trump is now in trouble, and I don’t see the trouble going away. The blood is in the water, and the sharks are circling. This is going to get ugly and that is the last thing our nation needs.