First came the introduction of the acceptance of transgender/crossdresser’s or whatever they may be. Next came the approval of openly gay scout leaders, and now they are allowing young ladies to join. Is it any wonder the Boy Scouts of America are on the verge of bankruptcy (according to USA Today and many more) news articles? Some years back, I wrote an article predicting this would happen when the Scouts elected to allow openly gay men to be pack leaders. I envisioned millions of boys asking dad and mom if they could join the Scouts and the parents flipping out and saying ‘not no, but heck no.’ That is apparently what has happened along with massive payouts to parents and young men involved in sexual abuse trials and settlements according to news reports.

The bottom line to all this is; the Boy Scouts of America has capitulated to progressive politics and liberal ideals, and they are now paying the price for it. 

I fully realize that I will receive blow-back for this article, but the hard cold truth is this. The Boy Scouts of America was founded on Christian principles. They have strayed away from their original intent which was to teach good citizenship based on Christian ideals. As a matter of fact, back when (in the dark ages) I was a young man, our Scout troop met in the basement of a Methodist Church. When we moved, my new troop met at the Baptist Church in town. Many of the troops nationwide are sponsored by the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church. The reality is, this is supposed to be a Christian organization.

Political Correctness has destroyed another American tradition.

Lest you think I am being harsh here, consider this article from back in 2017 by Kurtis Lee of the LA Times. The title was this; First came acceptance of gay and transgender Scouts. Now girls can be Boy Scouts

Let it be known that I am not homophobic, racist or prejudice in any way. But because I am not out beating up gay men on a daily basis, neither do I want my 12-year-old son sleeping in tents in the middle of woods with these gentlemen either. They (the gay community) claims that just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they will molest your child. If that is the case, then explain to me why the Boy Scouts are now broke because of all the settlements they have made for sexual abuse? I am not saying that “all” gay men are pedophiles, but I do know that older gay men love younger boys. If you don’t believe me, just surf the net, and you will find out for yourselves.

The fact is, the Boy Scouts of America sold their soul for political correctness and now they are paying the price. I am sad to see them in this shape, but they brought it upon themselves by straying from their original teachings and messages of Christian behavior and a code of morality.