Paris, France is known for many things. France is world renowned for its cuisine, exquisite wine, elegant fashions, art, and many other finer things in life. Currently, however, Paris is better known for its very near rebellion against the government. The left would have you believe that hundreds of thousands of Parisians have taken to the streets to protest a much higher gasoline tax imposed by the French President Macron and his government. The right wants you to believe that Paris is on fire because the French people are tired of the Muslim invasion. In all actuality, as far as I can see, it really doesn’t matter. The facts are, Parisians are angry about something, and they are burning the house down to get their point across to whomever it is they are mad at. 

America imports a great deal of goods from France. We import much of the fashion that the French are so famous for. We import the wine, Eggs Benedict, and even a few automobiles. If the Democrats get their way, we may also be introducing mass rioting and the burning of Washington, D. C. It’s not that the Democrats want to see Capitol Hill reduced to ashes, but I can all but guarantee that this is precisely what will happen if the Democrats pursue this idiocy of holding Impeachment Hearings against our 45th President.

While we still don’t know (authenticated) “what” is in the Robert Mueller stacks of legal documents, we do for sure that those on the left are now pursuing “Campaign Fraud” charges against the President. Apparently, these charges center around the porn star Stormy Daniels, the Playboy model, payoffs for silencing by Michael Cohen and campaign money or so-called campaign finances.

Here is, unfortunately, the bottom line my patriot brethren. The media hates Trump, most of Hollywood hates Trump, the Democrats hate Trump, the Swamp hates Trump, and even some Republicans hate Trump. With that said, come January and then when the swearing-ins occur, the Democrats are going to perform nothing short of a stampede to start subpoenaing witnesses, documents and anything else they can get their hands on.

Message for the Democrats

Dear Democrat Leadership;

Yes, this is for you Congressman Adam Schiff, the Gentle Woman from California, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the Texas moron Al Green, and the rest of the Democrat zealots on Capitol Hill. 

Your passionate hatred for President Donald Trump needs to take a backseat to what is right for our nation. Your zest for power and strongarming political needs to be actively re-evaluated for at least the next several years. You need to rally your troops and stand down on this witch-hunt for Trump’s political head on a platter. Let me clue you in on what will happen if you go after the President in earnest.

The Viceroy (from the Royal family) who managed India called Gandhi to his offices one day. He was trying to convince the robe wearing and sandal wearing Indian revolutionary leader to stand down and get his people to calm and stop rioting all over the nation. Somewhere in the conversation, the British Monarch threatened Gandhi with military intervention to bring the country back under control. Gandhi very politely looked at the Viceroy and said this; “Your Heiness, what do you plan to do with 500,000,000 Indians who do not wish to comply with your wishes?” And it was over! The British had lost India, and they knew it. 

The point of the story is this. What do you plan on doing with a million or two million angry Trump supporters who show up on Capitol Hill to stop the witch-hunt? The moment the House starts holding impeachment hearings or charges are filed against this President, the American people (Trump supporters) know it is all fake. They know you have spent two-plus-years trying in vain to bring the Presidency down because of your anger that Princess Hillary lost the election. What are you going to do with hundreds of thousands or more of these folks when they get to Washington, D.C. and begin protesting in earnest on the mall?

Democrat Leadership, know this. America’s Donald Trump supporters will not stand idly by and allow you to take this President down. They will not stand idly by and allow your continued trashing of the 2016 election results. They are angry, they are tired, and they want this President to fulfill his promises he made during the campaign, and that includes the wall.

Consider this a promise; if you go after Trump, you may consider it the beginning of a full-scale revolution against the Washington, D. C. swamp establishment. Where it ends, I don’t know. However, I can tell you that most of you won’t be in power anymore. Is this a threat against Washington? NO!!! I do not have that sort of power, nor would I attempt such a thing. I am basing this on what I have witnessed over the past couple of years. I am basing this observation on the postings in social media, the conversations I have had with hundreds upon hundreds of Trump supporters and the passion that these people carry within their souls for this President. Here is a bit of what you can expect if this happens.

The military will not fire on American citizens, that leaves a minimal force of Capitol Hill Police who most likely would not fire on our citizens either. Now, what are you going to do with 1,000,000 angry American citizens who are tired of partisan politics and the politics of personal destruction?

I would submit my Democrat American elected officials that you do some somber soul-searching in the mirror before you decide to pull the trigger on another witch-hunt on the floor the United States House of Representatives. 

These are just my personal thoughts, and yes, I genuinely believe I am right. Your impeachment hearings will end in disaster for this nation, and there will not be any putting Pandora back in the box once it starts.