In an article in yesterday’s “The Hill,” the headlines readTV producer Ryan Murphy announces multimillion-dollar initiative to vote out anti-LGBTQ lawmakers. My confession: I had nor do I have any idea who Ryan Murphy is. After reading the article, I now at least have somewhat of a sense of who this guy is. As a further confession, I do not watch any of his programs because I don’t care for television programs which have a progressive ideological theme. I’ll save that discussion for another day.

So what is the problem with a Hollywood mogul going after conservative politicians? The problem here is, the progressive television producer is going to use his programming to influence our young people further. If you’ll notice, one of his hit programs was or is the show “Glee.” This series is very progressive and is a huge hit among our youth.

In fact, one of the frightening quotes he put out was this; “I want these hateful and wrong politicians to go, and to stop polluting our moral and ethical ether,” he said. In case you have wondered about the “gay-lifestyle” becoming normalized or mainstream, this is your answer. It has!

I’m not posting this article today to “gay-bash” or spread hate. I am not that person. Yes, once upon a time (about 4-decades ago), I was. I was about as homophobic as one can get. Today, I tend to look the other way and keep my mouth shut. However, after this, I feel as though I cannot close my mouth anymore and something needs to be said.

Doesn’t anyone else notice a problem here? Let us examine this the moral decay of this nation for a moment. We still have millions of children being murdered annually in our country. By any definition, that is about as cruel and sinful of an act as anyone can commit. AND IT’S LEGAL AND ENCOURAGED BY THE DEMOCRATS, and our federal government is even funding it. 

Then we have the mass funding that allows millions of people to stay home, eat cheetoh’s and watch Dr. Phil on television. Millions upon millions of young are fatherless, and we see the results of that every weekend in Chicago and Detroit. This is primarily due to the increase in welfare benefits for women who do not have spouses and have more children. We are actually encouraging the breakup of the family. You can thank President Lyndon B. Johnson for that.

Is this not a total decay of our moral fabric?

If that is not bad enough, our nation doesn’t just turn the other cheek and accept gay lifestyles, they celebrate the lifestyle with allowing our children to witness total debauchery marching down the main street.

One would think that the churches would be speaking out about this moral decay, but sadly they are not. Here is a partial list of churches who have accepted the gay lifestyle as normality and many of them are not just “saying it’s o.k.” they are even ordaining openly gay ministers and priest into the clergy.

  • Affirming Pentecostal Church International 
  • Alliance of Baptists
  • Anglican Church of Canada
  • The Anthem Network
  • Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
  • AXIOS – Eastern and Orthodox Gay and Lesbian Christians
  • Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
  • Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Communion of Synodal Catholic Churches
  • Community of Christ
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship  NOTE: Each congregation determines its own position
  • Corpus Christi Communion (Independent Affirming Reformed Catholic, Anglican, and Ecumenical Churches under the umbrella of one Holy Apostolic Church)
  • Ecclesia Gnostica
  • Ecumenical Catholic Church
  • Ecumenical Catholic Communion
  • Église Gnostique Catholique Apostolique
  • Episcopal Church (United States)
  • Eucharistic Catholic Church
  • Evangelical Anglican Church In America
  • Evangelical Catholic Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • The Evangelical Network
  • Friends General Conference
  • Friends of Jesus Fellowship in America
  • Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals
  • Inclusive Orthodox Church
  • Independent Catholic Christian Church
  • Independent Greek Orthodox Church of the United States
  • International Council of Community Churches
  • Mennonite Church Canada  NOTE: Each congregation determines its own position
  • Mennonite Church USA   NOTE: Each conference determines its own position
  • Metropolitan Community Church
  • Moravian Church in America Northern Province
  • National Association of Congregational Christian Churches   NOTE: Each congregation is free to decide its own policy
  • Old Catholic Church
  • Old Catholic Church-Charismatic Rite
  • Presbyterian Church (USA) 
  • Reconciling Pentecostals International
  • Reformed Anglican Catholic Church
  • Reformed Church in America  NOTE: Gay pastors may serve congregations if they were ordained in another denomination; some member churches allow gay marriage.
  • Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) — a Latter Day Saint denomination
  • Swedenborgian Church of North America
  • The Progressive Episcopal Church
  • Unitarian Universalist Association   NOTE: Although no longer exclusively Christian, the denomination originated as such and is ‘mainline.’
  • United Catholic Church
  • United Church of Christ
  • United Church of Canada, Each congregation, decides for itself whether or not to be Affirming or to solemnize same-sex marriages. There are a number of other church bodies (some Presbyteries and Conferences) that have been designated as Affirming.
  • United Methodist Church’s Baltimore-Washington, California-Nevada, California-Pacific, Desert Southwest, Detroit, Greater New Jersey, Illinois Great Rivers, Iowa, Minnesota, New England, New York, Northern Illinois, Oregon-Idaho, Pacific-Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southwest Texas, Upper New York, Virginia, West Michigan, and Wisconsin Annual Conferences are affirming of LGBT clergy and relationships through resolutions. The South Carolina Annual Conference passed a resolution supporting transgender rights. The UMC also provides spousal benefits for non-ordained employees in same-sex marriages. The Western Jurisdiction elected the denomination’s first openly and partnered lesbian bishop in 2016. The North Central Jurisdiction considered an openly gay nominee for bishop although not elected. Additionally, the Northeastern Jurisdiction passed a resolution supporting the option of allowing same-sex marriages. On May 7, 2018, the Council of Bishops in the United Methodist Church, have proposed allowing individual pastors and regional church bodies to decide whether to ordain LGBT clergy and perform same-sex weddings, though the General Conference can only approve this proposal.
  • Unity Fellowship Church Movement
  • Unity Church

 Question; How is the flock supposed to learn the word of God if the church leadership is acquiescing to sin and telling the congregation it is alright to sin?

My fellow conservatives, we are in trouble as a nation. When studying the Roman Empire and so many more, you have to wonder if the same thing is not happening here in the United States of America. Many empires have risen and then fallen throughout history. When analyzing “why” these empires fell, it was usually because they began sacrificing children to appease Gods or as a matter of convenience. They nearly all accepted homosexuality as normality. They more often than not became slothful and lazy. In the end, they crumbled under the weight of “there were more takers than givers.”

I’m afraid the same is happening here. With the mass influx of illegal aliens, lazy Americans, rising anger toward different races and political affiliations, our nation is most assuredly not on the right track.

The prolific writer Robert Heinline is rumored to have once written; “A society that fails to protect its women and children is doomed for failure.”

I don’t see us protecting our women or children any longer. How about you?