President Trump’s promises of securing the Southern Border is certainly being tested. Over this past weekend, some 5,000 migrants (estimates) from a caravan originating in Honduras began arriving approximately ten days ago seeking a better life in the United States. Unfortunately, about 1,000 of these migrants decided to “test” the President’s resolve by storming the border this past Saturday and Sunday.

In a previous article posted at Crows Nest Politics, I outlined the problems for the President when these “migrants” arrived on our border. In the original article regarding the caravans and migrants (err: illegal aliens) showing up at the border, I listed quite a few reasons as to “why” this might pose a bigger problem for the president. Yes, firing tear gas into a crowd of unarmed illegal aliens is terrible for optics if you want to run for re-election. Firing live bullets is even worse as it gives the impression that you’re evil. Snatching children from mother’s arms is also not good as it gives the Democrats great video for running television ads against you in the election. But probably the worst thing that can come from this caravan debacle is that Trump is losing his base.

Think not? Think again~ Ann Coulter (the Uber right-wing political talking pundit) has been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest allies for the past several years. Initially, she was a Cruzer, but when Trump won the nomination, she (as true conservatives do) supported the nominee. She did confess, her fondness for Trump had to “grow on her,” but ultimately she did come around.

President Trump had better deliver on a wall if he wants to retain his base.

One of the primary reasons she saddled up in the O.K. Trump Corral was because of his promises to “BUILD A BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL” (as only a Trump construction project can be) to once and for all protect our Southern flank¬†down on the Rio Grande river. In an article penned by Ms. Coulter (dated November 28th) on her website, she blasted the President and rightfully so. Before I go on, keep this in mind. Ann Coulter gives speeches nationally on a weekly basis. Her regular appearances on Fox News as a Contributor gives her a platform to voice her opinions, unlike most others. She is “out there,” and she is respected as well as very articulate and reasoned. When she makes a claim, she can back it up, and many people listen to her. In other words, she is not one you want as an enemy if you’re seeking re-election as President of the United States. You would want her as an ally, not an adversary.

In Coulter’s article, she makes the point that the President is “Out of Time,” and its also time to stop making excuses. President Trump has a Republican majority in the House and Senate to get this wall funded and for some unbeknownst reason, he has agreed to sign a funding bill that doesn’t include the money needed for a wall. In the end, Ann Coulter is right. He most likely will not get the money for the wall and it is not even reasoned as to “why.”

I can tell you this much and I will agree with Ms. Coulter. If President Trump doesn’t produce a wall and do so shortly, he can forget about 2020. She doesn’t come out and say that as directly as I just did, but I can tell you this much. Donald Trump spent nearly two years telling us that we would get a wall and Mexico would pay for it. When was the last time you heard those words?

Today, some two years later, we have thousands of illegal aliens banging on our fences at Tijuana Mexico and their clamoring to set foot on American soil. We have aliens hurling rocks at our border patrolmen and we have the horrible optics of those same guards having to fire tear gas into crowds to force them to back off. No wall, no money, and the world is watching. And the worse part is, they have called the President’s bluff and won!

I said in my article from a couple of weeks ago that President Trump left himself in a corner when he talked so tough about sending troops to the border. And he has. Everyone knew that even if he ordered the military to shoot people attempting to cross, the United States Marine Corp or Army is not going to shoot a bunch of unarmed women holding babies trying to get into America. They are not going to pull out the Abrahms tanks and begin launching rounds into the Rio Grande, even if the President ordered it. That was just ludicrous and very irresponsible for the President to even utter those words. It just showed his political immaturity to do so.

Currently, we have thousands on the border just outside of San Diego. We have overwhelmed INS agents along with Border Patrol officers. We have a Congress that has been neutered by Paul Ryan and dozens of Democrats who will assume leadership positions shortly who are licking their chops to sink their political teeth into Donald Trump.

If America is to ever get a wall, Ann Coulter is right, it better happen in the next couple of weeks. The question now becomes, is President Trump going to hold out for it, or is he going to fold like a rag doll? America’s security depends on it, and his 2020 campaign certainly depends on it. This is not something that he can excuse away in future campaign rallies. For the truth is, he won in 2016 largely because of a future wall. He will lose in 2020 if the wall hasn’t been built.

As Larry the Cable Guy is so famous for saying; President Trump had better “GIT R DUN.” No more excuses Mr. President!