As the years have rolled by, it seems as though the phrase “I have so much to be thankful for” has almost become a cliche. Every year, the news reporters say it, friends say it, relatives say it, and of course, talk show host say it, but do most people really think it, and believe it?

On yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh program, the great one began chasing one of his many shiny objects that he often does. Apparently Rush had found an article that unusually struck him because the article was about how “2018 was not the worst year on record for mankind.” The diatribe was from a leftist site whereupon the blogger was addressing how many of the young seem to think that 2018 has been the worst year ever for humanity in America. Rush was trying to explain where and how this blogger had missed the mark and according to the writer 648 or 49 seemed to be the worst year on record for mankind. However, the writer did give many reasons “why” 2018 could be construed as the worst year ever. Between “climate change (err: global warming)”, mass protest by the anarchist group “Antifa,” the evil Republicans stealing away Hillary Clinton’s rightful place in the Oval Office, the poor indigent “Caravaner’s” being turned away, Trump’s horrible foreign policies, and much more, 2018 all in all was a very bad year for America. 

Don’t you love it when the young “skulls full of mush (to borrow Limbaugh’s famous description of our youth),” get it so wrong, and we get to correct them on a few points?

Hey Gen X’er and Millennial: Allow me to expand on a few points here to assist you with your depression over the current state of affairs in the Good Ole U.S. of A.

So you think that 2018 was and will go down in history as a cataclysmically lousy year for the United States and humanity is suffering immensely because of all that is wrong? 

Numero (yes that is Spanish) Uno: The polar ice caps are not melting as the liberal, and very biased press would have you believe. According to NASA, they are actually expanding as evidenced in this short video on YouTube. The polar bears are NOT drowning! 

Global warming is a crisis that was developed for a select few individuals and corporations could reap more profits. It is that simple. Why would General Electric was to keep selling light bulbs for .97 cents each when they can sell you an “energy efficient” bulb for $18.95? However, G. E. cannot sell the new corkscrew looking bulb until they convince you that it will save the planet if you purchase this bulb over that bulb. Make sense? While I think that solar panels on the roof are a good idea (simply because it screws the electric company out of revenue), the real truth here is that companies like Solyndra donated heavily to the 2008 campaign of Barack Obama. Obama went out to sell America on global warming so he could repay them with tax dollars to the tune of billions. But to do so, he had to tell America that this money was for “further research” into how we were all going to die next year if these companies did not save all of us. Of course, we now know that Solyndra took the $750-million, shut the doors and ran down the street with Obama’s generous gift.

Personally speaking; I give thanks that President Trump has called this massive scam for what it is, just that, “A SCAM.” The polar bears are not drowning, Al Gore is full of crap, and I am not going to be incinerated next week unless I happen to fall into a pool of hot lava.

1880’s medicine versus 2018 medicine; Let us give further thanks to the President for his support of medical research. As little as 30-40 years ago, most forms of cancer were an almost guaranteed death sentence. In 1880, smallpox was near a 100% promise you would meet the Lord in very short order. Today, “BECAUSE” of capitalism, Big Pharma has wiped out many diseases that would have killed you long ago. Today, you stand a good chance of surviving most forms of cancer because of new immunotherapy drugs that capitalism paved the way for. Today, if you have a disease and there happens to be a new drug that Big Pharma thinks might work, because of President Trump’s legislation you may now try it without having to wait years for the FDA to approve it.

Keep in mind that many native tribes back in 1880 would kill you because you were a white man or woman. Not so much anymore. In 1880, there was no deodorant, no air conditioning, no central heat, no light bulbs, and you either rode a horse or walked to the market. Still, think 2018 is that bad? For all you Gen. X’rs, I grew up with a black and white television, no Game Boys or NetFlix. I didn’t have a microwave oven until I was a teenager! You younger types have never known life without a cell phone. If I wanted to call my girlfriend, I had to go into the hall by the kitchen, “DIAL” a phone number and hope that nobody was listening on another phone line down the street (they were called party lines), or my younger brother wasn’t listening from his bedroom as I talked to sweet to my girl. This was the 1960’s and 70’s!

For the first time since President Eisenhower, North Korea is behaving itself. For the first time in decades, Russia isn’t trying to expand it’s nuclear program and is not testing bigger and more powerful bombs. Under President Kennedy, income taxes were in excess of 50%, today middle America is being taxed at a fraction of that. Oil prices are coming down, jobs are expanding, rogue nations are on the run, and America is for once beginning to protect our borders.

All in all my “young skulls full of mush,” I would say that you have it pretty good compared to times gone by. Stop complaining, get a job, join the military (it’s a pretty damn good career), and be thankful that you live in the United States of America where we have a great President to lead us into a very bright future.

Happy Thanksgiving America and for all you fellow Trumpsters: KEEP AMERICA GREAT!