California Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be chairing committees. California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will be the new Speaker of the House. Smarmy California Congressman Adam Schiff will also be in charge of a committee and has promised to get serious about investigating President Trump’s relationship with Russia. 

The idea that the Republicans did well in last nights mid-terms is ludicrous at best. President Trump once again has put out a Tweet that will leave most scratching their heads. 

The pain doesn’t stop with the shellacking that the GOP took in the House races last night. The elephants lost (currently) 7 Governors races and these are going to prove to be most critical in 2020 for the Presidential race. If that is not bad enough, these races (IE: Michigan) are going to be involved in the redistricting process coming up shortly after that. You can be guaranteed that these Governors will ensure that Congressional districts are designed to benefit the Democrat Party. 

This brings up the question as to whether President Trump can even win in the next election. Remember, he was put over the top by winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Winning these states in 2020 with a Democrat Governor just became much more difficult. 

While yes, retaining the Senate is a big deal, losing that many Governor’s races and the House is a bigger deal. 

Losing last night should and hopefully will send a message to the President and the Republican leadership. The truth is, while the President did and has frightened many Americans with his continuing Twitter storms on an almost daily basis. If that is not bad enough, most of the time the Tweets are some sort of inflammatory rhetoric that is far less than Presidential. I will be heavily criticized for saying this, but over two years ago I was blogging about the President needed to begin becoming Presidential. 

For the record and there are over one hundred articles on Crows Nest displaying my support of the President, I have from the beginning said that his rhetoric would cost the party heavily and harm his re-election chances gravely. America wants tough, but they want a Ronald Reagan style of toughness. America doesn’t want a bull in a china shop style of leadership. They wanted quiet strength with dignity and class.

The President is not alone for last nights losses. Much of the blame needs to fall on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s head. Their inability to come forth with budgets that funded the Presidents wall and more also hurt. McConnell and Ryan blew the best opportunity to strip ObamaCare out of our lives. Insurance cost is still rising, and health care became a major talking point for the Democrats.

I said it months ago, while I was being berated for being critical of the President for all the photos and videos coming from the border, I made it very clear that the optics of separating families were going to crush the GOP in this midterm. I was right! The hard truth is, the White House handled that entire fiasco by making it a fiasco. 

When watching Fox News and all the maps, the fact is also that Republicans were losing traditionally staunchly Republican districts by the truckloads. West Houston (upper income, mostly white and traditionally Republican) went for the Democrat. Northeast Dallas county again with the same demographics went Democrat. And the list goes on! 

The hard truth is, suburban upper income, college-educated women did not like this administration stripping children from their mother’s arms. The technicalities do not matter. What matters is that it happened and it was on videotape and being used in commercials by Democrats. 

If the President and Senate do not want to lose more seats including the White House, they had better get it together. By having the RNC put out talking points to all the candidates that they should have run their campaigns on “Stopping Nancy Pelosi” as their central theme was idiocy at best. I could write a book on why this was campaign arrogance and insanity. 

Example: Congressman David Young in the Iowa 3rd District ran a series of advertisements on the RNC’s recommendation, and then the NRCC also ran them, and all were on “stopping the dreaded Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Democrats.” He lost, and I told his staff three weeks ago they were going to lose. They laughed and promptly ushered me out of the office when I offered to help them with social media and get out the vote assistance. Well my young friends, maybe next time you should listen to older people who know what the heck they’re talking about. 

David is an excellent example of what happened nationwide. His opponent Cindy Axne is a socialist, but she campaigned on “higher insurance cost, no protection for preexisting conditions, and tax breaks for the rich.” David Young never responded to any of these charges. He stayed with the old ivory tower campaign rhetoric, and now we have a confirmed socialist as our newest Congresswoman from Iowa. If I were Young, I would never again hire a bunch of fuzzy-faced 24-year-olds run a campaign with that much on the line.

Know this Republican voter, the leadership and our President need to take stock of last night. Spin all you want today about the glorious Senate victories, but it’s the loss of Governor’s mansions that will be our undoing in 2020. It is the loss of the blue walls that we had turned red in Michigan and Wisconsin that will come back to haunt us. Remember, in 2016, had Michigan swung 10,000 votes, Hillary Clinton would be President today. 

I’ll stop grumbling now and get started on 2020. I hope the next round goes better than this one. For the record, I know that traditionally midterms swing to the party who doesn’t occupy the White House, but had the GOP taken care of business and not tried to pick and choose candidates, and had our President acted a bit more Presidential, today would look much different.