As we approach November 6, 2018, there is no disputing that much is on the line for both sides of the political aisle. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on television, radio, and billboards, to spread their respective messages from both Republicans and Democrats.

The left side of the aisle’s message is pretty simple. President Trump is terrible, and all Republicans want to eat your children and see you die from no medical care. The right side of the aisle claims that Nancy Pelosi and her insanity will take over the nation, impeach the President and we will be a full-blown version of 1960’s Russia in a matter of days. While there is sarcasm involved in those simplistic versions of this near billion dollar campaign season, there is some truth also. 

Many have been wondering and sending me messages asking a simple question; “What and the hell is happening in our nation, and how does it stop?” The “WHAT” part of the question is relatively simple to explain. 

Basically and very simplistically, this is what is going on. 

For decades there has been in place an agenda by potent forces to create a global type of government whereby a select group of people would basically run the world. We would have a one world government, a one world currency and these particular people would be in charge of how things operated. You hear of President Trump speak about the “Globalist” quite often. While that is a 2nd-grade explanation, that is indeed what is happening. 

We first heard of this “New World Order” when President Bush 41 gave his State of the Union address back in early 90’s.

For this “New World Order” to happen, the United States of America first has to give up it’s sovereignty to the United Nations or whoever is going to govern the rest of the globe. 

Let us digress for a moment and take a trip on the “Way Back Machine.” Many blame President Roosevelt for introducing socialism to America. To be candid, I don’t tag FDR with that title for a number of reasons. Remember, FDR did not want to get involved in WWII. At the time, FDR had America situated to be ‘isolationist’ for the most part. 

While “yes,” FDR gave us Social Security, he did so because millions of older Americans had gone hungry during the Great Depression. Roosevelt was very sympathetic to this issue and did not want to ever see this happen again. Social Security was initially set up to be self-sustaining, and it would be over 5-decades later that Congress would begin using the Social Security Trust Fund as a piggy bank for funding other government spending. 



FDR also set up many “Works” programs. He did not set up “Welfare” as many people think. These programs are what built most of our national parks, the Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority and many other projects that our nation still enjoys and uses to this very day. This put millions of people to work and got them out of the soup lines which had been set up across our country. The bottom line is that FDR is not the “Father of Socialism” in the United States.

It would be President Lyndon Johnson whose racist agenda and heart who would be the first to introduce true socialism into our nation. It was LBJ’s “Great Society” program (which to date) that would turn thriving cities into 3rd world ghetto’s, destroy families, and enslave an entire race of people. It was LBJ who would design a program which has spent over a trillion dollars, and created gangs of young men who live in a hopeless situation on the streets of Detroit, and South Chicago. 

In essence, it was LBJ who wrote the blueprint for seizing control of massive voting bloc’s of our society that politicians would use in the coming decades.

As LBJ drove the nation to the left, the real powers in the country and globally began organizing. Senator Bobby Kennedy became an instant political force to be reckoned with along with many other social leaders of the late 60’s and 70’s. Many have speculated that it was the Kennedy family who was behind the rise of the Clinton’s to political power. 

Today’s Democrats look nothing like Democrats from decades past. Long gone are the JFK and Roosevelt style Democrats who put America first. These Democrats today are being funded by openly and admittedly Socialist such as California Billionaire Tom Styer and the former Nazi Youth member George Soros.

Soros (for the record) earned his billions in currency manipulation. He alone managed to break the British currency Sterling (Bank of England) and bankrupted nations such as Malaysia. Soros without question is one of the leading proponents of a “global banking system,” and many on the right view him as the “Most Dangerous Man” in the world for America to retain her freedom.

The Foundation Has Been Laid

There is no disputing that the foundation for the fall of capitalism, the rights and freedoms that America has long enjoyed are now officially in the cross-hairs of the powers that most of us can only speculate about. The following short video should frighten every American who loves our nation to their bone marrow.

One of the first acts these “globalist” must accomplish is to “disarm” our nation. They intend to do something similar to what Australia did some years back. If they can disarm our nation, then the United Nations (under the direction of the globalist) can come into our country and literally take over. Now the dreams of the few can be realized on a real-time basis.

Once the United States falls economically and militarily, then China and Russia would soon follow as their economies would also collapse.

To give you an idea of the “false narrative” being spewed by the liberal press, here is an article about the history of the violent gang MS-13. What President Trump says about these guys is entirely factual. They are no different than ISIS, and in truth maybe they are as brutal if not more so.

For the record: the NRA was founded in 1871. They do not kill anyone. In fact, the NRA trains people in gun safety and respect for firearms. They are in business today for the sole purpose of protecting our rights as American citizens to own, use, and enjoy our guns.

America; we are being torn apart by a media who no longer is even hiding the fact that they are pushing a socialist, and propaganda message to divide and conquer our country. Ninety-two percent (92%) of all media coverage of the President is negative in nature. Why?

The simple answer is, President Trump fully realizes what is happening and is exposing it to the American people.

There is a war going on for the heart and soul of the United States. This war is being conducted by forces externally and internally. These forces are trying to bankrupt our country, create chaos in order to cause the American people to give up and acquiesce to their goals.

On a personal note, I am requesting this of all “Freedom Loving” patriots across our land. Please trust our President! This man knows what is happening and is trying to stop it. Why do you think the left and the media hates this guy so much? Do you think if he were helping them, they would react like this? NO! They are terrified of President Trump because they know that he knows what their real agenda is.

Please vote this Tuesday, and please vote to stop these radicals from taking over. Call and take voters to the polls if needed. Call your relatives and make sure they get out and vote. Call your friends. If you’re in doubt about which candidate to vote for, check the box that says “All Republican” on your ballot.

In the end, the Republicans may have faults, but at least President Trump can keep them in check when it comes to the “globalist agenda,” and at least most of them are “Pro-American” and don’t want to hand our country over to George Soros and company.