President Donald Trump and the United States are about to be forced into making some hard choices.

As the caravan of Honduran, El Salvador, and now Mexican migrants began their trek North to the Rio Grande, President Trump issued some dire warnings. He first began by saying that the United States would cut off all foreign aid to the countries involved in allowing this caravan to pass through. Honduras ignored the threat; El Salvador apparently doesn’t care much about the support either. Guatemala made no attempts to stop them, and when they got to Mexico, the fences came down, and some 7,000 attempting to walk to a new life passed through virtually unimpeded. 

At one point, the United Nations and various humanitarian groups were reporting that the ranks had swelled to some 14,000, but that number has apparently been readjusted back down to around 7,000 again. 

They are walking, they are riding buses, trucks, trains, and the backs of pickup trucks, but they are not backing down. Some 7,000 residents of oppressed Central American and even Mexico (seeking a better life) are going to show up on our borders just before the Midterm elections. 

As of Friday, October 26, the Caravan had made it’s way to some 1,000 miles south of Texas and 1,400 miles south of the Tijuana/San Diego, California area. Humanitarian organizations, Church’s, and residents are supplying the marchers with food, clothing, water, and other necessities. It’s almost as if Central America and Mexico are playing chicken with the President, and thumbing their noses at the United States immigration policies. 

The most recent threat from the President came in the form of ordering the Pentagon to send troops to the border to greet the migrant caravan. Some have said that this act is illegal for the President to do. However, if the President labels these foreigners as an invasion, yes, under the Constitution and law, the President can send in active duty military to protect and guard our borders.   

Friday, the Secretary of Defense did carry out the President’s request and ordered 800 troops to the Mexican border to stop the flood from pouring across, and into the United States. 

Here are the problems for the President, the Republican Party, and the United States. 

  1. The Presidents base and the right side of the aisle are saying “stop them.” We don’t care if they have children, we don’t care if they’re oppressed, or under the threat of death, DO NOT LET THEM CROSS THAT RIVER!  
  2. The left side of the aisle (Liberal Democrats) are claiming the President is a monster. They claim he is a racist, bigot, and an isolationist who only cares about Americans and the rest of the world can go to hell.
  3. The right side claims this entire caravan is orchestrated and funded by George Soros to make Republicans look bad in the upcoming midterms. They also claim the left wants them to come across to further pad minority numbers and give them the right to vote (which California will).
  4. Lastly; Under United States law, if an immigrant can manage to step one vote on American soil, then the Border Patrol has to by law, ‘do the paperwork, set them free with a court date to return and go before a judge to hear their case as to why they are seeking asylum in the United States.’ The Border Patrol cannot refuse them, once they make it onto our soil. This policy was tested in court back in the early 80’s with the Cuban boat lift when tens of thousands landed in Miami, Florida.

What choices does the President have?

Now we have thousands of migrants/refugees standing on our border. They rush the fences, and some are standing in a river holding children and trying to make their way across. What does the President do at this point? They (meaning Mexico and the migrants) have ignored all warnings and threats. What does Donald Trump do at this point?

Keep in mind that Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, SkyNews, and even the Russian media are most likely standing on the border also with their camera’s rolling. Every media outlet on the planet is standing by or hovering overhead in a helicopter to capture the big showdown.

Will the President back down and allow them through? Will he order those Marines to shoot to kill? Will he have them blasted with water cannons? Will he actually tear-gas women and children?

President Trump at this point doesn’t have very many options, and nearly all of them have horrible optics where the media is concerned. If this isn’t handled correctly, this could very well spell doom for the Republicans on November the 6th. The last thing America is willing to tolerate is the mass slaughter of refugees standing in the Rio Grande River. On the other hand, America isn’t likely to accept an onslaught and endless caravans of migrants abandoning their Central American nations either.

Having a mother holding the hand of one child with the other on her hip asking to come into America with a large Marine holding an M-16 is not an image that the White House wants on the front page of the New York Times.

This pending chaos about to transpire on the border is a perfect reason why I never wanted to be President of the United States. This is a decision that could benefit the President and his 2020 ambitions dramatically. It could also spell doom if not taken care of with compassion, patience and a well-orchestrated plan to deal with it.

Sometimes it’s good to be President, and sometimes it can spiral into a full-blown nightmare. This is one of those times.