January of 2018 began with the Democrat Party almost celebrating victory from coast to coast. With Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear holocaust, and Iran thumbing their noses at America’s demands for the end to their nuclear ambitions, Republicans and the Trump administration were all but on their collective heels. 

Then came the President’s appearances at NATO, a visit to Europe and North Korea where the main-stream media heavily criticized his actions and statements. Summer brought an ‘Anonymous Letter‘ to the New York Times from a supposed ‘White House West Wing Insider’ detailing chaos coming from the Oval Office.

At this point, the Democrats seemed to be riding high in the saddle approaching the Midterms. The Republicans appeared to be on defense, while the Dem’s had all the momentum. Then the Donkey’s missteps began. 

The first big mistake for the Democrats came in the form of “no consistent message” from the party. So far, the only thing the Democrats have to campaign on is a near total “anti-Trump” message. Democrats seem to think that basing their entire hopes on a “we hate Trump” message will carry the water across the finish line. The problem with this campaign theory is that; once again the pollsters, the political talking heads, and the campaign guru’s have severely misjudged the Presidents popularity. 

The second huge mistake the Democrats have made is; they have no front man or woman. Meaning, they have no celebrity spokesperson. This can come in the form of a superstar Congressperson, a Senator or an elected official in a leadership position. The fact is, all they have is a couple of lady Senators who cannot keep from stepping on land-mines left by cows as they walk across the pasture.    

There is no disputing that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a gift that keeps on giving. Her very public DNA test for Native American heritage has backfired horribly. This political faux-pas has been nothing short of political suicide for the potential candidacy of the Senator in 2020. Warren had been one of the sure bets to run for President in the next cycle. 

Then we have California Congresswoman Maxine Waters caterwauling on a street corner for Democrats to assault elected Republican officials anywhere they can find them. It was this video that went viral and ended up with the labeling of Democrats as an “angry mob.” 

Unfortunately for the Republican Majority in the House, we will no doubt lose a few seats. IE: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the Bronx area of New York City. Remember, she is the devoted socialist who took out the long-term Democrat Joseph Crowley because he wasn’t willing to campaign on supplying all of the Bronx’s needs for free. Never the less, she is a Democrat in a district that is overwhelmingly Democrat. There is zero chance of a Republican winning this district, even though she has almost no realistic grasp of the issues. While this is technically not a loss, it is in terms of losing a traditional sane and rational voice on Capitol Hill, and now we pick up another screeching leftist socialist that we have to deal with. Crowley was actually a voice of reason and respected by both parties.

Probably the most colossal mistake the Democrats made was the nuclear attack they performed on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearings. It was bad enough that the Democrat Senators questioned him with clear disdain in their voices, they had to top it off with bogus women claiming that the Judge had sexually assaulted them in high school. In no way am I discounting or condoning sexual assault, but these women were clearly contrived to push these claims by someone or group on the left side of the aisle and America saw through the sham claims. 

The truth is (and many came forward with their stories throughout the Democrat circus)  when a woman is genuinely assaulted, she doesn’t forget little things like location, the approximate time the attack occurred (much less the year) or who exactly did it. While Christine Ford was undoubtedly an impassioned witness, she simply did not have a believable story to tell. Secondly, America was unwilling to punish a fellow for something that supposedly happened when he was a snot-nosed teenage boy.

America has begun judging Democrats leadership by what they witnessed during those Senate hearings. Senator Dianne Feinstein clearly sat on that letter (which appeared to have been written by a grade schooler in lieu of a college professor) for weeks in an effort to throw an eleventh-hour monkey wrench into the process. She greatly demeaned the process of confirming a Supreme Court nominee, and America is tired of the games on Capitol Hill. If the Democrats lose this midterm, much of the blame can be directly laid at the feet of 85-year-old Senior Senator from California.


The biggest blunder in decades: 

Probably the most significant error the Democrat Socialist are making is aiding and abetting this “Caravan” of poor, fearful immigrants marching to America. In the first place, this clearly proves that socialism is a massive failure. Many of these supposed afraid illegal aliens claim they are coming to America because there are no jobs where they are from and their just seeking a chance to make a better life for themselves. 

My question is this: If socialism is so great, why do you need to walk a 1000-miles to find a job? 

I think it’s a very fair question. If socialism is supposedly so fair and creates equality across the board, then why are their no jobs and why do you need to traverse jungles, deserts, and rattlesnakes to come to another country to find work so you can eat? 

My personal prediction is this; the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot or possibly both feet. I do not believe the “Caravan” is going to aid them a bit in taking the Senate and most likely has cost them the House. If for no other reason than it plays directly into the hands of the GOP. It allows President Trump the opportunity to “protect” our borders by sending the troops to the border. It allows Trump to be the “tough-guy” and further puts on display the need for the wall and certainly gives more credence to the argument that we need to redo our immigration laws.

If that Caravan shows up a day or two before the election, it will but guarantee victory for the Republicans.

So far, all the Democrats have to campaign on is hate for a President. They have no message of “how to fix anything.” They have no message of hope and prosperity in the face of a booming economy that was no doubt due to President Trump’s expertise. They have no leadership for the message that they don’t have. In the end, America votes with its wallet, and so far, our nation is really, really liking what is happening financially.