Through all of the hoopla over the past several weeks, America did learn a great deal about many different subjects. Probably the biggest thing we learned was; just how so very broken and corrupt our government has become.

The Senate Democrats and even some of the House Democrats chimed in on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings. The only problem was, they didn’t chime in, they bulldozed through the process with false allegations, lies, distortions, and corruption. They boldly lied in front of every television camera they could find. They propped up “witnesses” to claim that the Judge had all but committed rape when he was a high school student. In fact, it is now confirmed that Christine Balsey Ford collected over $1,000,000 in donations for her efforts at the Committee Hearings.


We learned that the Democrat Party is no longer interested in what’s best for our nation. The Dem’s have become so partisan; they are willing to sell their own children if it promotes their ideologically driven agendas. The Democrats cannot be trusted; they have no moral, ethical, or integrity value system. Today’s Democrats are without question the most unethical, lying, betraying group of politicians this nation has ever had to suffer through.

We also learned that President Donald Trump has a spine of steel. Most President’s after the second lying “supposed witness” came forward and began spewing her untruth’s about Kavanaugh running rape trains, would have knuckled under and pulled his nomination. Not Trump, he stood tall, defended his nominee and told the left in effect to (shove it), he was standing by his man. We learned that Trump is a man of honor, and when he gives his word, he sticks by it. You have to love this President even more after the past several weeks.

We learned that honor, integrity, principle, and tenacity still mean something to some people. Judge Kavanaugh did not seem to care what the media thought. He sat before that committee and in the face of pure evil, he defended himself, his family and his good name. This is a Justice that America can be proud of, he is tough, he is fair, and he fights for what is right and honorable.

America’s news media should be ashamed, but sadly they are not.

We now have positive confirmation that our media in this nation has become as corrupt as the Democrat Party. They will print or say whatever it takes to carry the water and promote whatever the Democrat Party desires. The New York Times ran stories with absolutely no evidence, no corroboration whatsoever, and knew they were fake stories, yet ran them anyway. This in no way is news, this is propaganda. 

We have learned that our nation is now willing to toss out our Constitutional rights as an American citizen (if you’re a Republican) and deny you your day in court. In lieu of the prosecutor or accuser having to prove your guilt, you now have to prove your innocence. Simply by the fact that “someone” says they saw you in that bank, you now have to “prove” that you did not rob that bank.

We have now learned that the once dignified, patriotic, and legendary Democrat Party leaders (the Party of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy) have succumbed to the party of mob rule. We have learned that the party will very willfully accept money to pay protesters to upset our rules and laws of the land to further their ideologically driven agendas. 

We have learned that (if this is even believable) our leadership in our nation is willing to call out criminals to verbally assault and harass other American citizens in public to create fear. 

We have also sadly learned that our once proud 1st Amendment is only applicable if you happen to be a Democrat pushing that left-leaning agenda. Your rights as a citizen to picket or protest a conservative agenda are no longer allowed. 

We have learned that Social Media is no longer platforms for all opinions, only those that push or assist the agenda being driven by the Democrats.

Lastly; we have learned very tragically that there are indeed forces embedded in our government that are being fueled by very anti-American individuals who do in fact seek the overthrow of our once proud nation. People like Tom Styer from California, George Soros, Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon) and many more very rich socialist are driving agendas to create a socialist America who succumbs to a one world environment. 

The mere fact that someone with billions of dollars to throw away can begin changing our Constitution and government should be frightening to all Americans. But this is exactly what these people are doing. Jeff Bezos for instances is allowing his news service “The Washington Post” to push and print allegations, falsehoods, and horribly fake stories in an effort to undermine a duly elected administration just because he believes in socialism. 

Styer is spending millions to drive lies and unproven allegations against this administration in an effort to get President Trump impeached. Styer is even bankrolling many candidates this mid-term election cycle all in an attempt to flip the House of Representatives to Democrats. And finally, George Soros, the evil Emperor who just won’t die and go away is still funding anarchy wherever he can. 

For the time being, President Trump has managed to prevail and put a good person on the court. This victory may not last long though. Movements are afoot (once again coming from the swamp) to impeach Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump if the Democrats can take back the House and Senate in November. 

President Trump is very accurate when he says; this is the most important election in our lifetimes.