Consider this;

Today we look at the 2016 Presidential election as having been corrupted beyond belief by the Clinton’s, and we are shocked. The election involved fake dossier’s, corrupt FBI officials, and more, yet Donald Trump became President of these United States of America. He overcame what could arguably be described as a “Davey and Goliath” moment.

What if I told you that the corruption level of 2016 paled in comparison to the corruption level back in 1992? 

You’ve heard President Trump repeatedly speak of “The Swamp” concerning what we now regard as the “Deep State” in and around Capitol Hill. As the adage goes; when you want to know what is really going on, simply “follow the money.” The cold hard cash will usually lead you to the truth of any question.

I do have one confession to make; I am probably the last to jump on the bandwagon of using the term “GLOBALIST” when it comes to pointing fingers at a single individual and charging them with being one of the most hated. It is or was inconceivable to me that someone would work covertly to turn this great nation over to some supreme world body and be happy about it. But that is exactly what has been transpiring for decades. It wasn’t until President Trump uttered that word in many of his speeches that I began to take serious notice. Now Rush Limbaugh has even begun talking about “globalist” on his radio show.

Remember Ross Perot?

The election of 1992 had America’s first true outsider running for President. Or so we all thought. Texan Ross Perot came out of the box charging he and he alone could “Fix-It” (meaning all of America’s woes at that time), and his business savvy knew how to balance a budget, protect our nation and grow the economy.

Ross Perot ran for President for the pure purpose of making money off of NAFTA which would be coming soon after Clinton was elected.

What America did not know was that Perot was on a covert mission to get former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton installed into the White House as President. Let’s recap that election.

  1. Perot announces his candidacy to run for President in February of 1992. By July (after self-funding and rallying the disgruntled grassroots) Perot had a substantial lead in the polling. In fact, he had a double-digit lead over then-President George H. W. Bush (who was running for re-election) and Democrat Bill Clinton.
  2. In July, Perot announces (while having a commanding lead) that he is dropping out of the race to protect his daughter’s wedding. He claimed that Bush was having Army helicopters terrorize his daughter’s wedding and they were making threatening gestures toward his family.
  3. After the initial “shock” that this “devoted American Patriot” was dropping out, Perot then decides the danger had passed by October and his following was demanding that he get back into the race. After having a near 40-point portion of the voters on his side, now the best that he could muster was somewhere around 19% in the polling. This is exactly where he wanted to be. Allow me to explain.

Ross Perot’s job was to peel off votes from President Bush. At the time he dropped out, he had amassed to large of a lead and that wasn’t the “Motus Apprendi.” He was to cost Bush votes, but not win. The plan worked to perfection. Perot ended up with just a little less than 19% and Clinton won the election. Now ponder this; Why would Ross Perot want Clinton to win? 

President Reagan has begun the idea of NAFTA back in 1979 when he was running for President. While his theory of a North American Free Trade Agreement sounded good, a deal never seemed to be within reach under his Presidency. It would be President Bush 41 who would try to get the deal done, but in the end, he too could not come up with anything that would pass the muster of the House or Senate. In the end, it was President Bill Clinton who came with a plan that the House passed, the Senate voted for and Clinton signed NAFTA in December of 1993 into law.

In comparison to 2016, the election of 1992 was designed to get NAFTA passed and Ross Perot aided and benefited tremendously from NAFTA. It was in his interest financially to ensure that this behemoth job-killing law got passed. The election of 1992 historically is without question the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people.

Lest you think this is not the truth, consider this. In December of 1989, an airport opened just north of Ft. Worth, Texas by the name of Alliance Regional Airport. The airport is no small potatoes. This airport can handle Boeing 747 and all jumbo jet traffic. The Airport was a joint venture between the Federal Aviation Administration, the City of Fort Worth and the Ross Perot Family. It was the first airport in the world to be built to handle nothing but air freight and freight by train. The airport is what is known as a “Trade Free Zone” airport and handles most of the International Freight Carriers such as UPS, FedEx, Flying Tigers and many more.

After NAFTA, there came to be many more trade agreements such as the much despised Trans-Pacific Partnership. All of the above began diluting America’s sovereignty in one fashion or another. On yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh, Rush expounded greatly on just how big of a deal it really is that President Trump squashed NAFTA.

Auto companies who have taken American jobs to Mexico will now be returning.

Rush described in detail who was involved in putting that agreement together. To my amazement, it seems they all were “globalist” who were intent on turning our sovereignty to global courts, global banks and ultimately global leadership. Read the transcript from Rush’s show here.

Because of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh uproar, President Trump’s most shining example of American patriotism has been largely overshadowed. NAFTA costs America over 1-million good jobs. Many corporations such as Ford, Dodge, and General Motors had moved factories south of the border. These were good paying union jobs and Michigan felt the brunt of the relocations. President Trump had the political courage to scrap NAFTA and totally renegotiate our trade agreements to where they benefited the United States and redirect much of the wealth back to America.

Hat’s off to President Trump and thank you, Sir, for a “job well done!”