Yes indeed America, always remember: “Old age and treachery always overcomes youth and skill.” 

Yesterday, I received an email from an old friend of mine. He was forwarding on an email he received from a lady in Kansas. In my humble opinion, I believe this lady hits the nail squarely on the head with her thoughts about President Trump and this entire Brett Kavanaugh fiasco. I honestly wish I knew who to attribute this too, but I don’t.

“All ya’ll that are freaking out about Kav… I want you to take a deep breath and think about this: 
Trump was SUPER amicable today…. totally good with having a week delay/ FBI investigation on Brett Kavanaugh.

If any of you have EVER studied DJT, you will know the following: When he sees injustice being done, he will fight like hell…. he doesn’t give up ANY ground. HOWEVER…… 
When he knows he’s got everything he needs to slam dunk something and DESTROY people that need to be destroyed? He gets very calm. Very cordial. Almost jolly. He starts calling the enemy “lovely people”… “believable”… He only does this when he knows he has the information TO DESTROY THEM. It’s not just the “Art of the deal“… no…. he is a revenge seeker. And I like that about him. It’s not WWJD…. but it works. 
I’m not clutching my pearls at this point. He’s got it all under control. Trump is most dangerous when he gets calm…Because that signifies not only a pivot…it signifies that you have everything you need to destroy the enemy. 
You would think the libtards would have figured this out by now…. almost two years into this presidency…. but their hubris refuses to allow them to see it. 
OH. And those cool surveillance photos of Diane Feinstein on a non-government related trip to China recently? Those are fun too.😉
(Author Unknown)

I do want to thank one of hero’s ‘Des Moines~ Tea Party Charlie’ for sending me the above email. Charlie is one of a kind and one the most gentle, yet patriotic spirits you will ever know.

Whoever wrote the above did hit the nail squarely on the head. The one item seemingly missing from the hearings, then the special hearing with Ford is the fact that “all of this happened 35-years ago” if it did indeed happen at all. Judas Priest people, she was 15 (supposedly), and he was a 16 or 17-year-old boy himself. Has America stooped so low as to hold a 17-year-old teenage boy accountable for something that impedes their ability to progress in their field of endeavor 30-35 years later? Are we serious?

When I was 15-years-old, I went camping with some friends at a creek outside of town. This particular creek was a popular swimming hole for teenagers that lived in the area. It was the 4th of July weekend, and we had fireworks and had built a big fire by the creek with plans to stay up all night. The only problem with where we made the fire was that it was under a Union Pacific railroad trestle that was wooden. What we did not know was that the bridge had been coated in creosote tar to protect it from the weather. Guess what? Creosote tar is flammable!

Our small bonfire soon turned into a giant bonfire when the railroad bridge caught on fire.

I learned two valuable lessons that night. The first being, a wooden railroad bridge can burn when lit by a bonfire. The second being that railroad companies have law enforcement agents that investigate these sorts of things. Approximately two or three days later, they did visit our home. My father ended up writing checks to repair the bridge, and yes, I was punished pretty severely over that little escapade.

My point is this; today I could not run for the House of Representatives because I would be deemed a “pyromaniac” terrorist or worse. I would be “outed” as someone who hated big business, wanted to murder train engineers and destroy private property. The truth is, I was a dumb teenager with his head inserted in an orifice where it should not be.

How long do we hold one accountable for being a stupid teenager?

Because I accidentally partially burned a railroad bridge back in the early 70’s, does that mean that I am prone to burn bridges today? I hardly think so. Just as Brett Kavanaugh is not running around sexually molesting women today. So far, dozens of co-workers, former co-workers, associates, Interns, and other women have come forward in the Judge’s defense that he is nothing but a nice guy and purely professional.

Just as expected, when Senator Jeff Flake rolled over, met in a phone booth with Senator Coons to cut a deal for an FBI Investigation, now the Democrats are asking for more time to investigate. The week that the two Senators compromised on is now “not enough time.” All in an effort to derail Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

The cold-hard-truth of what is happening is this. President Trump wanted a conservative pro-life Justice to flip the Court from Liberal leaning to Conservative leaning. Brett Kavanaugh filled that bill to perfection.

Planned Parenthood is the unspoken truth of what is behind Judge Kavanaugh’s obstruction to the Supreme Court.

The Democrats know that the Court would be flipped for the next 30-years plus. In that time, the Court would no-doubt be faced with a case involving Roe V Wade. The very real possibility is that Roe V Wade gets turned back to the States to approve of or disapprove of abortion. States such as Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and other ‘hyper-conservative’ states would most likely ban abortion.

This be the case, then Planned Parenthood’s funding would very likely be cut dramatically. Considering that over the past several years, PP has received some $500-Million plus in free government money, this is something that they cannot tolerate.

Make no mistake; Planned Parenthood has been on the horn letting these Democrat Senators know their very real desire to “Pull out the big guns and go to work, DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!”

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood has already put up some $30-Million this midterm cycle to support Democrat candidates for the House and Senate. In 2016, PP invested some $38-Million in the Presidential cycle.

Patriots: this doesn’t have anything to do with a teenage boy’s bad behavior. Whether Kavanaugh tried to get in a girl’s knickers is not the issue, that is simply an excuse. The real issue is the flow of government money to keep the doors open at PP businesses nationwide. Brett Kavanaugh is the victim of a much wider agenda involving good old American greenbacks.