Senator Lindsey Graham probably said it best: “ When you see Sotomayor, and Kagan, tell them I said hello. I never treated them this way and voted for them.

Today America witnessed a lady (whom we had never heard of until a couple of days ago) lay charges of groping, grinding genitals, loud music, and teen drinking against the nominee for the highest court in the land. For a little over 4-hours, we watched this lady known as Dr. Christine Ford level accusations of how Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a high school student had Ford shoved into a room, had the music turned up, and forcefully tried to have sex with Ford. 

If Ford’s accusations are not bad enough, now we have more supposed “victims” of Kavanaugh coming out of the woodwork. If you notice, none have any witnesses that are willing to testify that they actually witnessed Kavanaugh commit any of these alleged crimes against women.

The Truth of What is Transpiring Here

Patriots; let’s be honest here. The Democrats are hoping to throw enough garbage at the wall that some might stick. They are tossing enough allegations out there, that hopefully, the American people will become either ambivalent or actually negative toward Judge Kavanaugh.  

Follow The Money

At this point, one has to ask the question: Why are the Democrats so panic stricken as to all but commit political suicide with these actions against Kavanaugh? This is what is happening. On the surface someone will say; “It’s about protecting a woman’s right to choose” in regards to abortion. And on the surface, that is true. But, let’s dig a little deeper. 

So what happens when (and it is a when no longer if) President Trump put’s a pro-life Justice on the Bench? Someone will bring a case that will make it to the Supreme Court. This will test Roe-V-Wade. Roe-V-Wade with the Justices now active conservatives most likely will strike down the 1973 ruling, and turn it back to the individual states. 

When the fate of abortion at the state levels, you can bet that states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, and many other religiously conservative states will likely ban abortion within their boundaries. That be the case, then not just Federal Funding will be taken away from Planned Parenthood, but so will the state funding. 

Over a recent 3-year period Planned Parenthood raked in over $1.5 Billion in free money from Federal Funding alone. If just 10-states reverse abortion laws, then this will cut dramatically into their gravy train and even more so if the Supreme Court sends abortion back to the individual states.

In the recent 2016 election cycle, it is widely known that Planned Parenthood invested over $38,000,000 in that election, mostly going to Democrats. In this Midterm-2018, P-P is investing some $30,000,000 on Democrats.

Is it any wonder that the Democrat Party is fighting to stop a conservative Justices from being appointed to the Supreme Court? This has nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose as the Democrats would have you believe. It has everything to do with the gravy train that P-P has been providing for all these years to Democrat candidates to assist their campaigns.

When questioning anything on Capitol Hill, always follow the money!