Much of President Trump’s victory in 2016 can be directly traced to a vast group of disgruntled Republican voters who had given up on the party. Trump’s tough talk about draining the swamp, building a wall, and balancing trade deficits gave inspiration to millions of angry GOP faithful who had given up on the party and labeled the ‘Establishment’ leadership as “RINO’s.” Trump managed to inspire these voters by claiming to be the “New Sheriff in town,” and promised to correct much of the spineless decisions the Elephants had become known for. All of Trump’s victories may now be in jeopardy by Chuck Grassley’s handling of the Kavanaugh vote. 

For the past ten days or so, the hearings where Judge Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to cruise through and be voted on by the United States Senate are now in chaos. California Senator Dianne Feinstein sat on a letter from a Constituent claiming that Kavanaugh had sexually abused her at a party back in their high school days, some 35-years ago.

Feinstein claims she received the letter back in July, long before Kavanaugh’s hearings ever got underway. Feinstein in defense of her constituent who’s name is Christine Blasey Ford supposedly requested an FBI investigation into these allegations by Ford against Kavanaugh.

This is the problem for the Republicans voters across the nation.

  1. By Grassley even entertaining Feinstein’s request, it has prolonged this Senate voting and approval process. 
  2. Grassley has once again capitulated to the Democrats as far as the Republicans voters are concerned, and the GOP faithful are tired of rolling over for Democrats. As Obama’s former campaign manager Rahm Emanuel once said; “elections have consequences,” and the GOP is tired of “playing nice” with Democrats.
  3. Grassley is allowing a sideshow to transpire regarding allegations that “NO DISTRICT ATTORNEY” in America would entertain without some evidence. The accuser doesn’t know the year, the location or even who all was at this alleged party where she was supposedly molested. 
  4. By allowing this circus, Senator Grassley is allowing the Democrats to keep up with the smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh further harming an innocent family and Kavanaugh’s approval ratings. This is also allowing the Democrats time to produce more fake accusers and more false smears against the nominee.

Kavanaugh and Grassley’s Possible Impact on the 2018 Midterm Elections

The possibility that the Senate voting process might have on the Midterms is genuine. Grassley is already angering the Republican base by allowing the Democrats to put on this circus sideshow. This could have an effect of disengagement for the base of “why bother” to vote, it won’t matter anyway. On the other hand, if Kavanaugh is approved, this likely will energize and engage the “Blue Wave.”

However, if Kavanaugh is rejected by the Senate, then this will more than likely dampen Democrat turnout thusly enabling the GOP to retain the House and Senate. The Democrats will possibly feel euphoric that they defeated this much hated “Pro-Lifer,” and not turn out as heavily.

Was Brett Kavanaugh even the “End-Game” in the first place?

One theory being floated (and to be honest, this is also my theory), is that Brett Kavanaugh was the sacrificial lamb thrown to the wolves by the President, and was never intended to be approved in the first place.

Think back in your memory banks to when “who would be appointed” was all the talk. Before Judge Kavanaugh was nominated, his name was hardly mentioned. In fact, President Trump never mentioned his name. He did, however, mention his affection and respect for the Seventh Court of Appeals Judge by the name of Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett who by all accounts is a very conservative Judge who openly supports “pro-life” met all the President’s criteria as well as his bases criteria. She is hyper-conservative, supportive of the 2nd Amendment and is active in conservative causes.

The theory goes like this. Trump knew that the Democrats would go ballistic over any appointment that he made. He needed someone whom he could run with if approved. However, the odds were the Democrats were going to skewer anyone he puts up. He puts up a good choice, but not his favorite. He saves the favorite for the second round when the Democrats have expended all of their capital on the first round. The second choice or first in most cases breezes through with almost zero difficulties.

Get ready America; you’re about to watch a sideshow of the likes we have never seen or not seen since Clarence Thomas back in the early 80’s. I’m wondering what the Las Vegas betting odds are on whether Ford even bothers to show at all.