Probably no other Senator on Capitol Hill walks and talks with more gravitas than the senior Senator from California. No matter the party belief, one has to have a certain level of respect for someone who has been in public service since 1978. Dianne Feinstein began her public career as Mayor of San Francisco, then as a City Supervisor and finally being elected as a United States Senator in 1992.

While we on the right disagree with much of Feinstein’s left-leaning policy stances, she is respected for fighting for her constituents wants and needs. Personally speaking, I might disagree with you on your position, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect you for fighting for what you believe in. This is what makes this such a tragedy and travesty with what has happened to the Senior Senator from California.

Feinstein in this particular case should have used some common sense. At the tender age of 85, I am not sure how much common sense one has left, but at least her staff should have saved her from this most humiliating experience. The facts are these; this lady Ms. Ford is not a well-respected professor in California. She is widely regarded as a tyrant in her classroom and is often called “unhinged” by her students. This in addition to the fact that apparently, she is also well known for making her liberal political beliefs public. 

The harsh reality is this. This lady is attempting to make a claim that Judge Kavanaugh all but raped her back in high school. I don’t want this to sound sexist by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact is, a 16-year-old with a few beers in them will be (shall we say) a horn dog to say the least. I’m not saying this did or did not happen, but if Brett Kavanaugh is a red-blooded American boy, he probably somewhere along the line attempted to feel a girl up and get in her pants. Quite frankly, I don’t have any friends that did not try to get in a girl’s pants in high school. It’s called hormones, testosterone, and nature. Over the past 10-years or so, we have come to the point where an intelligent male no longer will try this for fear of being labeled some monster for being a male. 

We have sadly come to the point where we don’t even open doors for ladies anymore for fear of being screamed at for being sexist and told, “would you open the door for a man, I am not weak, I am strong, I can open my own damned door.” For the past several centuries, we as males were taught to pursue women and woo them. We were shown to open doors, pull out chairs, open car doors, carry the groceries, and all the things that make life a little easier for the fairer sex. No longer is this allowed. Women are to be equals. They are to fight off the burglar by themselves. They are to use their pepper spray when feeling threatened rather than ask their date to protect them. Men have been feminized by the Gloria Alred’s of the world. 

To be candid with you, the girl survived her horrific date which she cannot seem to remember much about. The witness who she claimed was in the room cannot remember anything, nor can Judge Kavanaugh. I’m pretty sure that somewhere along the line in high school, the Judge was being and acting like a teenager boy and trying to feel a girl up. I have zero doubt about this. I know I did. I know Rodney, Jimmy, and many other of my friends did. In fact, we were all 16-year old red-blooded American males. I am also pretty sure that in my friend’s cases, they struck out much more often than were successful. I do know that our Texan lasses were very capable of pushing our hands away and letting us know very clearly that we could kiss and that as far as this was going. 

Senator Feinstein, that tragic truth is, you have been hornswoggled by a bunch of zealots. I would recommend that you very delicately put this to bed, and let the American people’s voices be heard. We the people elected President Donald Trump, this you know. We the people totally approve of his appointment to the Supreme Court bench and we the people think this is absolute childish tantrums the Democrats have pulled. 

I am reasonably sure that our tax dollars could be put to better use than chasing down a rabbit trail trying to impune a 16-year-olds dating record of him trying to get “some” as a young man. Give me a damned break; this is insanity!