Twenty or thirty years ago, you would have never heard an American citizen so much as utter the phrase “Civil War” in a conversation in public. Today, those words are not only being spoken, but they’re being discussed around tables in coffee shops across our land. What has pushed our citizens to the point of even talking about such a horrific event as a civil war?  

President Lincoln presided over what most would consider the bloodiest and most tragic event in our history. Nothing else in our 240-plus year history has the stains of blood and human tragedy as those couple of years back in the 1860’s. Nothing is more tragic than that of American brothers and sisters killing our fellow American brothers and sisters. The thought was unconscionable back then and it still unthinkable today. But yet, we are discussing it in earnest and real-time today. Why?

The Very Obvious Cabal

The American people are not totally stupid. While some may be ignorant of the facts surrounding a particular topic, most are not so naive as to be able to see what is happening. There was a time in this nation when an ace reporter would invest in shoe leather, grab his or her notepad and go out and find the story. They then would report on the story either in the newspaper or on the evening newscast. Not anymore. Today’s reporters are no longer investigators, nor do they do the reporting. Today’s reporters are actors who bring us manufactured stories mostly from the Democratic Deep State. Today’s reporters report falsehoods designed to take down the opposing party and an entire administration. As I said, the American people are not stupid; they can clearly see that most of the networks that broadcast ‘so-called’ news are working in unison with the Democrat Party. What this effectively has accomplished is, “NOBODY TRUST THE NEWS TO BE THE ACTUAL NEWS” anymore.

To prove a point, even the “Weather Channel” is not immune from manufacturing news. Why I don’t know, but while being funny, in reality, this is not funny because it only serves to create more mistrust for our citizens. This just happened a couple of days ago when Hurricane Florence struck North Carolina.

Why the Weather Channel decided to manufacture this is beyond me. There was plenty of high wind, blinding rain, and storm surge to go around for all to report. Witness the Fox News team. You can clearly see they are in the midst of a hurricane as the water is rising and the trees are blowing sideways. Why couldn’t the Weather Channel do something that was actual? My gosh, you had an active hurricane to report from.

The tragedy of this is, most network and even cable news services today are manufacturing news rather than reporting news. The consequences are; the American people have lost faith in our press. What this translates too is; the American citizens are becoming more fearful that they don’t know the truth and this turns to frustration and anger.

Orchestrated Constant Attacking of a Duly Elected President

We witnessed the unbridled meltdown the night of November 8, 2016. The left-leaning reporters were becoming unhinged and could not believe what they were seeing. The defeat of the Democrat Presidential hopeful was sending these ‘so-called-reporters’ into hysteria. At first, this was somewhat humorous, but what nobody expected was what was to come next.

What came next is what we are still dealing with to this day. Hillary’s campaign manager Podesta announced that the Russians had colluded with President-Elect Donald Trump to steal the election away from Princess Hillary. Millions of dollars later, no collusion has been documented between anyone on Trump’s election team during the campaign, and no crime appears to have been committed. But yet we are still spending millions of dollars to prosecute people for tax crimes or other indiscretions from 10 and 20 years ago. Why? Again, this is all orchestrated by the Deep State and Democrat Party.

Every day that goes by, the American people are becoming more and more frustrated with this entire charade. We now know that the ‘Russian Collusion’ story was all fabricated by the Clinton team. This brings to question, why won’t the Attorney General investigate or prosecute this travesty? This is further fueling the anger of the American people and in particular the Trump supporters.

A Fabricated Impeachment

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Ca) has made no bones about it; she wants Donald Trump impeached. While many on the right side of the aisle laugh at her chanting “Impeach-45” everywhere from a rally on the steps of a courthouse in California all the way to the House of Representatives Chamber at the United States Capitol Building, the fact is, she is the spokesperson for the entire Democrat movement to do just that.

While there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence of impeachable offenses, Waters has clearly stated that the Democrats will make an attempt to “find” offenses and or create them in order to bring to the floor of the House, hearings to charge the President with “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” She is not alone. Very quietly, the Democrats have been organizing to do just this. In the event (which appears fairly likely) the Dem’s win back the House in the mid-terms, you can count on them holding impeachment hearings.

Bill Clinton Deja-Vu

Go back in your time machine memory banks for a few minutes and bring forth the impeachment hearings of former President Bill Clinton. Ken Starr (the Special Prosecutor) had found enough evidence to have Clinton brought to the floor for impeachment hearings. Clinton was actually impeached for Perjury before a Federal Grand Jury as well as Obstruction of Justice. Obstruction of Justice is a very big deal as that is the primary charge that Congress had threatened President Nixon with that forced his resignation. Perjury before a Grand Jury is actually a felony. While Clinton did survive his Senate trial (primarily because the Senate was mostly Democrats), he was disbarred and is never allowed to practice law again. Not to mention that his presidential legacy will be tarnished forever as having been impeached. The point being is this.

For months this nation was on edge. Families fought over the hearings which were broadcast daily from start to finish on national television. Friends fought, truckers fought over the CB radio, and tension was very high nationally. Keep in mind that our nation was not on edge back then. The impeachment hearings were pretty much the entire newscast. We had Rush Limbaugh on one side and James Carville on the other.

Today will be different. Our nation is on edge, races have been separated, anger is at a fever pitch, and millions of Trump supporters will feel as though they are having their President taken down for political reasons and not actual crimes.

The Pending Nightmare

If and I say it again, IF the Democrats do win back the House and possibly even the Senate, (we need to all pray this doesn’t happen), but if they do, you can expect a war. I say this because these Trump supporters are not like the Democrat Bill Clinton supporters. They folks are mostly blue collar and all believe in the 2nd Amendment and practice it frequently.

Imagine if you will a million pickup trucks with guns in the racks behind the seats all flying rebel flags showing up on the mall in Washington, D. C.. I can imagine this quite easily. They will be angry and they will there to support President Trump. I’m not painting all Trump supporters as redneck hillbillies with an attitude. I am only saying that there are those out there and they will drive to Capitol Hill. This is where the war will begin and it will spread like wildfire across this nation in the blink of an eye. Remember; a half million lives were lost in the first civil war with only small canons and single shot rifles. This time, we have millions who own semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons. The losses could be catastrophic for our nation.

Next to happen will be the stock market crashing and trillions will be lost overnight. Then comes the collapse of the dollar because of our enormous debt. With all of that comes millions of lives lost and fifty years to rebuild this country.

It will all have happened because of liberalism run amok, a complicit ideological media, socialism invading the Democrat Party and Republicans who have become corrupt because of the amounts of free money by serving in the House and Senate.

I pray to God daily that I am wrong, but this is what is being talked about in public now and on social media. Will it happen? We won’t know until after the mid-terms and we won’t know until it does if it does. Let us all pray it doesn’t. Let us all pray that Jeff Sessions does his job and starts bringing some of the criminals to justice and that Robert Mueller goes home.