Over the past several days, I have witnessed some of the most vicious statements in regards to the illness and passing of Senator John McCain that I believe I have ever read. Keep in mind that these statements have come from “supposed conservative Christian types” that comprised the old Tea Party or evangelical types. We are the guys that fly the pretty yellow flag with the snake on it. We are the guys that protest abortion clinics and protest Congress when they fund Planned Parenthood. We are the guys who reject Supreme Court Justices who are not 100% pro-life and pro-gun. We are the tribesmen who are supposed to be compassionate, patriotic, and defend those who cannot protect themselves. We are the ones who call ourselves Patriot’s in the face of those ‘Godless Liberals.’  Yet, we post and promote hatred of likes that would make a sailor blush.


Many will bash me on this day for even broaching this topic because the left post so many hateful things. I’m guessing that makes our comments alright if the leftists do it. It is almost incomprehensible to me that ‘the good-guys’ would offer up such vile vitriol over a man dying or who has passed away. Does it not cross your minds that his family may read some this garbage? What about his children? Would you want your children and grandchildren reading statements about your transgressions in life?

I was almost dumbfounded yesterday when I saw this hashtag trending on Twitter. What sort of mental state does one have to be in to celebrate, then post this sort of thing?


Senator John McCain was not perfect. I think many will agree about that. He did cast some votes that I personally vehemently disagreed with. One, in particular, was his vote to allow Obamacare to continue intact. I am not in any way defending the deceased Senators record of voting on the floor of the Senate. Yes, some of his votes were right in line with conservatism, while some took the more liberal pathway. One thing we must remember that we often forget is this.


If they vote against what we prefer, that doesn’t make them bad people; it just means that they disagree with us. You fight with your brother over politics at the Thanksgiving table, does that say your brother is a bad person? No, it just means that you disagree with him. If you don’t like the way a Senator votes, then vote them out of office, don’t bash them as American hating, a traitor to our nation, or worse yet, a Marxist, Socialist, Communist or so many things I’ve read recently. Was this really necessary?


My friend Ken Kreitz was trying to be nice, and this is the response he got.


Example: I happen to disagree with nearly all of Senator Chuck Schumer’s positions politically. Do I think Schumer is an evil traitor? No, he and I disagree on a litany of issues, but that doesn’t make him an American hating treasonist. We need to remember, as ill-informed, out of touch, and as idiotic as Maxine Waters is most of the time, she is still an American, and she is still a child-of-God. He loves her even though you or I may not. It is our duty as Christians to be kind, be respectful, and display a Christian attitude toward “Crazy Maxine.”

There are good and bad people throughout the world. America, for the most part, has shown the world that we can be a very kind and supportive people. How many earthquakes and hurricanes have we helped out within other nations? Tsunamis, devasting droughts, horrific flooding, and friendly countries being invaded by rogue nations, America has always come to the aid of these victims. And, if you look at the voting record of these elected officials, it is usually 430 plus in the House to help out and 100-0 in the Senate. Remember, when we attack a John McCain, you’re in effect striking hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of American citizens who voted this legislator into office. You’re attacking the very citizens whom you claim to want to help. Yes, disagree with the Senator if you like, that is your right and duty. My question is; cannot we do so more politely and respectfully?  

America is far too polarized today. Democrats and Republicans are not the enemies of this nation. I can assure you that Chuck Schumer loves his wife, children, and grandchildren just as much as we love ours. He does not want to destroy this land that his family calls home. Sarah Palin loves her family; Nancy Pelosi loves hers also. We all love our families and loved ones. Nobody wants to see our nation destroyed.

I think it is time we tone down and ratchet back the hate-filled rhetoric. Gay people are not an enemy of this nation. Just as the media is the enemy of this nation. Liberals are not, conservatives are not. The real enemy of this nation is “hate.” Those who hate others just for the pure sport of hating. Those who spew venom just because they are bored or have a heart that is so hardened, they cannot find themselves ever being kind to anyone for any reason.

In closing: Just because someone wants the government to provide free health care or free tuition doesn’t make them America hating. It only means that they have a different solution to a problem than we do. I think a parent should help their child through college, you may not, you may believe that child should work their way through college. Does that make you bad or me bad? NO, it only means that we disagree on the solution.

Senator McCain has passed away. Let us all try to do as the Bible tells us to do. Pray for his family so they might find comfort in their time of grief. Pray that Senator McCain is with the Lord on this day. This doesn’t mean you have to agree politically with the Senator, it only means that we are living up to what the Lord requests that we all do.