In the immortal words of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, “You Betcha” they do. 

The question now becomes, ‘can one sentence affect President Trump’s administration, and could one sentence bring down this presidency?’ Answer: quite possibly and here is why.

There is no disputing that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal hush money to keep quiet about their affairs, flings or whatever they were. Both Daniels and McDougal earned $150,000 and $130,000 respectfully for their silence. Cohen, who initially claimed he paid the money using a line of credit, said in a statement to prosecutors that he spent the money at Trump’s direction. “I participated in the conduct to realize this as well very quietly the election,” Cohen said in court.

After the Manafort and Cohen verdicts, yesterday afternoon, Attorney’s, former Prosecutors, former Judges, and educated political pundits all hit the airwaves with their versions of what could happen or what will happen because of these bombshell admissions while standing in front of a Judge in court. The general consensus is this.


Had then-candidate Trump paid the money to the women early in the campaign, and had he paid it personally out of pocket, there would be no problem. Other than bad public-relations and bad optics, legally speaking, there would not be an issue. The possible legal problem now comes in the form of, the campaign had Cohen pay the money just before the election which has created a couple of issues for the President. The payments give the appearance of paying “hush-money” because the campaign did not want the women speaking to the press to prevent “bad-press” just before the voting began. In reality, the payments were, in fact, hush-money and it was paid just before the election and the payments involved a third party at the direction of the candidate. The problem for President Trump is that ‘all of this information and documentation is in those files that Mueller seized from Cohen’s office.’ To make matters worse, the President is on tape discussing the payments with Cohen in a telephone call.

The reality is this my patriot brothers and sisters. The Republican Party in general (I’m speaking of the blue-bloods) do not like President Trump because he is rocking the boat, and threatening their gravy train they have enjoyed for decades. The Democrats despise the President for a whole host of reasons. The lobbyist don’t like Trump because he cannot be purchased, and most foreign leaders are afraid of the man for their perceived erratic behavior by Trump.

There is much smoke~Is there a Fire

At this point, Special Prosecutor Mueller is winning. There is zero doubt, zero debate, Mueller is racking up win after win against the Trump Administration.

  1. Michael Cohen; Trump’s former Attorney and Fixer has admitted guilt regarding multiple felonies.
  2. Paul Manafort; Trump’s former Campaign Manager and Delegate Guru (brought in for the GOP Convention) found guilty on eight felonies.
  3. Rick Gates; Trump’s former Deputy Campaign Manager to Manafort. Pled guilty to ‘Conspiracy against the United States.’
  4. Michael Flynn; Trump’s former National Security Adviser who has pled guilty to lying to the FBI and is currently working with Mueller’s team.
  5. George Papadopoulos; Trump’s Foreign Policy Adviser who has pled guilty to lying to the FBI in regards to Russian connections and collusion.
  6. Alex van der Zwaan; Relation to Trump’s inner circle: van der Zwaan communicated with former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and his deputy at the time, Rick Gates. Verdict: The Dutch lawyer pleaded guilty in February 2018 to making a false statement to investigators and was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

This doesn’t count the 13 Russian Citizens that Mueller has issued indictments for. 

Patriot’s; I think it is time we realize that our President might very well be in serious trouble. Republicans behind the scenes are beginning to very quietly realize this as well. President Trump politically cannot pass out pardons without ramifications for Manafort and Cohen. The fallout from pardoning either of these two would be catastrophic for the midterms or his 2020 ambitions. In reality, these guys are guilty of felonies, and that is a huge deal.

I’m not an Attorney, but according to the television legal eagles (including law professors), President Trump is already an “unindicted co-conspirator” involving Cohen. This by definition could land him in jail if indicted and found guilty. We know that they (meaning the Mueller team and Department of Justice) will not indict a sitting President. However, these charges likely will mean “Impeachment Hearings” after January if the Democrats win back the House of Representatives. Worse yet, even the Republicans are now sending out indications that they are even willing to hold hearings as well.

The Problem for the President

Robert Mueller seems to be drifting away from the Russian Collusion allegations, but what he is doing is now going down the road of campaign fraud charges against a litany of people involved in the 2016 campaign. Mueller is chasing any criminal act he can find in an effort to get to the President.

What began as some “master conspiracy to have the KGB throw an election” (which turned out to be fake) has turned into a Special Prosecutor spending millions of tax-payer dollars chasing down politicians who failed to file the proper income tax records. This Mueller team has questioned witnesses for hours on end, twisted questions to prosecute for perjury.

The Problem for the American People

The American people are not stupid; We see what is happening with this kangaroo prosecution/investigation team. We understand how our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on minor issues while people’s lives are being destroyed. Yea, o.k., maybe Team Trump did violate a couple of FEC rules, none rise to the level of impeachment. However, the press is so wrong on this (because of the Liberal media) it might very well force otherwise intelligent Congressmen to go down a road that will no doubt have catastrophic consequences for our nation.

The bottom line is this. Over sixty-million Americans said they wanted Donald Trump. It is time this “witch-hunt” end before this ends in tragedy. Donald Trump supporters are passionate patriots. They are not going to stand by and allow these liberal biases take down this President without saying a word. It is obvious what is going on here, and nothing that is happening is even-handed, much less fair.