If you asked one hundred Trump supporters; Is the President’s war against the media good for America, I would wager that ninety-eight would say “YES.”

Before beginning, allow me to say this. You can love your husband or wife, does this mean if you disagree with them on a subject that you don’t love them anymore? NO, it just means that you happen to disagree on which movie to see or what you want for supper tonight. It doesn’t say that you have “turned on them or don’t love them anymore,” it just means that you have disagreed on a particular subject. With this said; The world knows that I am a “full-on” President Trump supporter. In fact, the President himself knows that I am a staunch supporter of his administration. However, on this topic of “the media” being the enemy of the people, we will have to agree to disagree respectfully.

From Marvin Kalb’s new book, Enemy of the People; Shortly after assuming office in January 2017, President Donald Trump accused the press of being an “enemy of the American people.” Attacks on the media had been a hallmark of Trump’s presidential campaign, but this charge marked a dramatic turning point: language like this ventured into dangerous territory. Twentieth-century dictators—notably, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao—had all denounced their critics, especially the press, as “enemies of the people.” Their goal was to delegitimize the work of the press as “fake news” and create confusion in the public mind about what’s real and what isn’t; what can be trusted and what can’t be.

There is no disputing that the press can be a pain in the tail at times, particularly when you’re an influential political leader. There is no disagreement on the fact that at times they are rude and act as though they are sharks circling a wounded fish in the water. Many times the “story-starved” press will ask questions which border on total stupidity. Many times six or more reporters will shout their questions with no regard for decorum. Does this mean that the press is the “enemy of the people?” No, it does not! It only means that you have a room full of over-zealous reporters all trying to “get the scoop” before the next guy or girl.

Chris Mathews is not taken that seriously except by the hard left.

Many times the President has stated ( as most all other presidents have ), ” I have faith in the American people’s wisdom and their ability to make the correct decisions.” Then he needs to allow us to do just that. The American people have for many years known full well that the media is by and large liberal in nature. We all know that Tom Brokaw, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper and a trainload more of reporters, newscasters, and pundits (from the main-stream) are all registered Democrats and lean liberal. This means that any story regarding a Republican will most likely be skewed or slanted to a degree. Again, this does not compute to Chris Mathews being an enemy of the state. This means that if Chris is talking about a hurricane in the Atlantic, he will probably report on the hurricane accurately. Then again, he may at the end of the hurricane news, toss in that it was caused by George Bush’s affiliation with the Arabs and the pumping of too much oil that caused more Global warming, which in turn caused the hurricane in the first place. I would wager that most who watch Chris in the first place, are most likely to believe already that the hurricane was in fact caused by airplanes taking off and landing in London and Moscow anyway.

The point being; Mathew’s coverage of the hurricane is not destroying the United States or her allies in any shape, form, or fashion.

America; I am most certainly not a fan or watcher of Mr. Mathews. In fact, I simply cannot withstand listening to his nasally, whiny voice for over 32-seconds, then I want to punch the television. Remember, this is the guy who had the man-crush on Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s (can’t remember which) powerful electricity charged starched blue jeans. But again, his assinine descriptions of the president’s blue-jeans are not causing a national crisis. Katy Couric’s slobbering lesbian love affair (no, I do not believe that Katy is lesbian, it is a dramatization description) with Hillary Clinton is so far over the top, America is not taking her girlfriend crush seriously. We all know what is going on!

In the end; the President should back off from describing the press as “Fake-News” or “Enemy of the American People.” Two things are going on here.

The first being that the President is losing credibility by this childish war with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Waco Tribune-Herald. The vast majority of the citizens of this great nation know that when it comes to actual news, the majority get it right. We also can tell the difference between an OP-ED piece and an actual news story. We all know that Sean Hannity is a pundit program, Sean takes a real news story, then spins to his liking, while Rachel takes that same story and twists it to her point of view. WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE MR. President.

The second point: For the President to suggest that if North Korea launches a missile at Guam, the media is going to spin this story is absurd. CNN, Fox and everyone else will be reporting that North Korea launched a darned missile and Guam needs to take cover. But labeling all news reporting as Fake News, then the American people won’t know who or what to believe.

The President needs to learn that his words mean something. Words have definitions, and the President of the United States words are taken very seriously. He can affect markets globally by his words. President Trump, the press in this nation keep the sharks on Capitol Hill honest ( or as honest as they can ) and it is “We the People’s” only way of doing this. We know full well that some are conservative, but most are liberal, and it has been this way for decades. By your daily bashing of the media, it only reflects poorly on you sir. All President’s have had less than flattering relationships with the press. I would respectfully submit that you need to get some thicker skin and let it go.