BEWARE, Mr. President, when endorsing in this campaign! 

I seriously doubt that the White House will be calling me today and inquiring about “who or who not to endorse” in this Congressional race. But if they did, I would have to advise them to do a double-take or maybe a triple-take before making a decision. If you happen to be a fan of the NetFlix series “House of Cards,” then this race will have you captivated.  

This drama has it all. The saga begins with an “Outsider” who doesn’t even live in the district and is attempting to win this nomination by investing a $1,000,000 of her family fortune in an attempt to “sell her popularity” to the constituents of the district. In the early days of this contest, Lena Epstein was using her ‘campaign investment.’ as a club and attempting to explain that “she was the only candidate” who could raise enough money to defeat the Democrats in November. The part of that “LIE” that she was withholding from her advertisements was that “it wasn’t she but rather her dad who put up the money that she was advertising as donations.”

This is from one of President Trump’s campaign websites. You can clearly see that Lena is “far down the list” in seniority and was NOT part of Trump’s campaign management staff. Note the “Announced” date. It was a mere two and a half weeks before the election.  

When that argument failed miserably, she then began claiming that she was ” The Campaign Co-Chair for President Trump in Michigan.” Why or how she thought she could get away with this “rather large furry black lie” is anyone’s guess. It isn’t that it is an outright lie, but it is certainly on the “fringe” and definitely “stretching her blanket.” The truth is: she was appointed (because of her families oil company and wealth) appointed to a figurehead position as a “Co-Chair” for the “Woman for Trump” coalition approximately 2-weeks prior to the 2016 elections. She was NEVER IN A MANAGERIAL CAMPAIGN POSITION THAT MADE DECISIONS FOR TEAM TRUMP IN MICHIGAN!  The fact is, Lena Epstein was not President Trump’s Michigan campaign chairwoman or manager or whatever it is she seems to think or believe she was.

Anytime you have a candidate running around and touting something that is this bogus when it is so easily verifiable bothers me greatly. It shows an alarming lack of judgment on their part. Will they be this way when they get to Capitol Hill? Yes, she was part of an “honorary type of appointment,” but she is portraying herself as being “part of the inner circle” of decision makers that won the state for the President. In fact, that is just not true. Listen to her being interviewed on Fox News.

Three times in this interview she “touts her Co-Chair of Michigan” position. The puzzling part to me is “why the media doesn’t question this?” 

The third item on Lena’s list that is puzzling to me is her position on Social Security. In nearly every town hall or debate that she appeared in, she has pushed her position of expanding Social Security to the age of 70 before anyone could begin drawing benefits. Seriously Lena? Age 70? Why not 80 or 85 then? I guess when you’re an heiress to a family fortune that you “did not have to build that,” then you have no concept of scratching out a living for 50-years. You then are looking forward to retiring, only to be told you have to work for another 5-years before you can draw what you had taken away from you for 5-decades. I just don’t see Lena winning the senior vote in this district which should cost her the election.


Next on the “Stay Away From Mr. President List” is the State Senator Mike Kowall. This is the guy who as a State Senator co-authored the bill that raised his constituents gasoline prices by taxing them an additional .10 cents per gallon. This was done after he had campaigned that he would not and bitterly opposed such a tax.  This was also done after a statewide vote opposing the gas tax passed by some 80% of the voting populace. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he endorsed a bill that also raised everybody’s insurance premiums and registration fees. All of this under the guise of “fixing Michigans roads,” which as of now have not been fixed. Michigan is known for having some of the worst roads in America. Kowall is now known as “just another career politician” who lies, lies, and lies some more in Michigan. Mike Kowall joins Klint Kesto as being the two who pushed through a measure that taxes a senior retirees pension plan.

Rocky maybe headed for Prison!

Mr. President; Please don’t endorse this guy, he will embarrass you and humiliate your judgment. Here is the deal. Back in 2012, Rocky as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army Reserves ordered one of his subordinates to pull up “then-candidate” Kerry Bentivolio’s service record from the military archives. Sidenote: When an active duty service member left the Vietnam War Zone, a temporary DD-214 was sometimes issued. It would not have your entire record on it (if it was a temporary DD-214), only the fact that you were there. You have to wait for the full DD-214 to catch up with you (in the Vietnam era), which it does in a few weeks. However, EVERYTHING, which is ever written about you is archived in your permanent service record.

This is the front page of the updated DD-214 for Congressman Kerry Bentivolio. 

The subordinate pulled up the service record, Rocky reads the FIRST PAGE, doesn’t read the rest, just the first page and proceeds to spread the rumors that Bentivolio lied about his service record in Vietnam. On the first page, it didn’t show his awards, only that he was there. On the pages following it does show all of his medals for valor, ribbons, etc. Rocky Raczkowski then starts a campaign that Bentivolio fabricated his service record. ( This was a problem in Vietnam as records were not yet computerized as they are today.)

Here is the problem for Rocky. Bentivolio has filed a lawsuit against Raczkowski for “defamation of character.” The courts as of a couple of days ago have agreed to allow this suit to go to trial. Here is the second problem for Rocky. Had Bentivolio been serving under Rocky in the U. S. Army Reserves, he might have had an excuse for pulling up Bentivolio’s most private documents, that being his DD-214 from his service record. The fact was, Rocky was working for Bentivolio’s political opponent in the 2012 election. By doing this, Rocky Raczkowski committed a felony! You cannot just arbitrarily pull someone’s service record. This falls under the Federal Privacy Act laws.

What Kerry Bentivolio can do and likely will have done, is have Rocky reinstated in the United States Army Reserves as a Lt. Colonel, then have him “Court Martialed” under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Bentivolio has all of the information of who, what, when, and where this log-in was made to pull this information, and now the courts have it as well or will shortly. Rocky will likely be found guilty and could very well do some prison time. It is a huge “NO-NO” to invade someone’s privacy without their consent and to do so on a government computer is even dumber. There is NO-WAY that Rocky will ever serve in the United States Congress. Even if he wins, the United States House of Representatives will take his seat away because he will soon be facing a trial on felony charges.

If the above is not enough for you to deny an endorsement of Rocky Raczkowski, then let’s throw in this little tidbit. It seems that good-ole-Rocky raised between $700,000 and 1 Million dollars for campaigns that not exist.  (Research and Information collected by Michigan Republican Precinct Delegates)

If you still have not figured out what Rocky is really like, try this one. 

Twenty-two years ago, in his 1996 State Representative race, Andrew Raczkowski claimed he was a Desert Storm Combat Veteran and had a Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University.  He lied. (Reference Farmington Observer, Oct 3, 1996). (Research and Information collected by Michigan Republican Precinct Delegates)

The Choice Seems Clear, “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”

Kerry Bentivolio served in the 113th Congress. He served with distinction and achieved a great record for a first term. He passed 3 bills (which is almost unheard of for a rookie), had a 93% conservative rating, and was loved by his constituents who gave him very high marks. Kerry did earn two-bronze stars for his service to our nation, a “REAL” Masters degree and even spent years as a school teacher. Yes, Kerry did become a reindeer farmer because he loved making children happy by playing Santa. Who doesn’t love Santa while he is with Donner and Rudolph?

Mr. President, you could not ask for a better endorsee than Kerry Bentivolio. He is a real conservative who will support your America First Agenda, believes in protecting our borders, hates Omnibus bills (never voted for one), and he loves cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth. As a conservative, blogger, writer, grassroots activist, and loyal Trumpster, I am requesting that you, please endorse this former Congressman by sending him back to Washington. Kerry defeated the Democrats once before, he knows how to do it again. He will be your best friend on Capitol Hill.