Young David Hogg will no doubt be receiving a visit in the next few days from either the Secret Service or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is not smart to put out Tweets with thinly veiled threats, much less overt threats. This is the Tweet that young David decided (not so smartly) to put out a few hours ago. 

Hogg obviously was making a feeble attempt at mimicking President Trump’s Tweet that he had sent out the day before aimed at Iran’s leader Ayatollah Rouhani. 

Hogg rocketed to his 15-minutes of fame when he was interviewed as one of the students involved in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. According to this article, his ambition in life was to become a Journalist, and somehow he managed to find a camera in the shooting aftermath where he began railing against guns and America’s Second Amendment rights.

This summer Young Hogg has been on a mission to get Liberal Democrats elected and knock off as many 2A Republicans as he possibly can. After the shooting in Florida, someone (most likely his father) had a publicist retained, and I’m guessing the family decided to capitalize on the young man’s fame as quickly as possible. A new book was even penned (supposedly by David and his Sister) entitled; ” NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line.” Hogg and his entourage have rented a motorcoach and began touring the nation speaking at rallies for Democrats and pimping his book. The problem for the young anti-gun warrior is he is traveling with armed bodyguards!

David Hogg in New York City promoting his new book in June 2018, with his armed security staff.

David Hogg is just another example of how hypocritical and juvenile the leftist Democrats have become. This young man “unbeknownst” to him, has been hijacked by uber-left to use his youth, innocence, and naivety to promote and further their anti-American agenda. There is little doubt that the left is using his “victim status” to push their agenda.

The problem for Hogg and his Tweet a few hours ago is, he probably should have checked with his publicist or father (who is a retired FBI Agent) before sending that fiasco out. “Hey David, it ain’t smart to threaten a President of the United States!

Generally, on most topics, this young lad would be taken relatively seriously. America loves their youth, reveres them, and supports them in most cases. However, on the topic of the Second Amendment, he is not being taken seriously. The Second is without question, the most treasured of all our Amendments. The reason is simplistic, most of America realizes that the Second Amendment protects all our other Amendments.

What this young man apparently doesn’t realize or he doesn’t care about is this. Nearly every America knows or has a relative that has served in our armed forces. Most if not every American has a relative that gave their lives protecting this nation and preserving our liberty and freedom. Arlington National Cemetary alone has over 440,000 tombstones dating back to the Civil War of heroes that paid the ultimate price for this freedom.

Custer National Cemetary at the Crow Agency in Southeastern Montana holds a little over 5,000 graves of our heroes. Combine all 136 National Cemeteries with our Cemeteries in France and across Europe; now you have several million Soldiers, Sailors and Airman who stepped up for America when they were called.

Young Hogg needs to understand that the left is using him. They are using his youth, his innocence, his naivety to further an agenda that is totally anti-American. What little Mr. Hogg needs to do at this point is; use the proceeds from your book and buy a new car, then enroll in college and get that journalism degree. He needs to stop preaching about topics that are anti-American and stand down. All that is happening at this point is that he is making a fool of himself and everyone knows that his desires won’t happen. We will never disarm this nation.

168 innocent people died in this disaster. No gun was used. It was a Ryder rental truck and fertilizer.

Everyone in this nation supports his efforts of stopping the needless murder of children, particularly while they’re in school. The President has set up a commission to study what needs to be done to protect these children. Schools are now locking down, and probably the best way is to train and arm school staff at each school. The NRA is promoting the idea of taking the Principle, maybe a Coach and a few teachers, properly teaching them, then arming them. Most schools have retired or former military personnel. These officials are perfect for this sort of program. Of course, in your larger urban schools, money can be appropriated for off-duty or overtime officers as well.

The bottom line Mr. Hogg, our leadership, is working on this issue. Remember this, 168 died in Oklahoma City from a Ryder truck bomb made with fertilizer and diesel fuel. Dozens were murdered when a crazed ISIS follower drove through a crowd in France. The Internet is littered with stories of nut jobs running through crowds with machetes and knives. Sadly Mr. Hogg, if a bad guy wants to kill people, he does not need a gun to do so, but a gun can undoubtedly stop the carnage before it ever gets started. You may want to ponder that.