Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes this. The great question as to whether former First Lady Michelle Obama is a “Transgender, Transvestite, or a Trans something else has resurfaced. On the surface, this seems so far ‘out-there,’ one would say, “not on your life.” There is no way on this green earth that anybody could ever pull off a scam like this. One would have to believe this, right? Would America really elect a gay couple with two adopted girls to be the First Family and President of these United States? Or did we? It appears we might have done just that America.

Let’s begin with this. Why does Barack Obama call Michelle Obama “Michael?” The two names are very different, and he does it repeatedly throughout his presidency. These “out-takes” are, but a couple of the times he did this. There are many more caught on camera.

If this isn’t disturbing to you, how about the famed comedian Joan Rivers “outing the President and First Lady?” In fact, she say’s “everyone knows it.” Then she dies under mysterious circumstances shortly after that.

If Joan doesn’t convince you of “Michael err Michelle’s sexuality,” watch this more scientific explanation. One has to admit; this is a compelling video.

I usually do not go down these rat trails of conspiracy theory. However, I ran across one of these videos by accident and just had to “pursue” this little tidbit. I honestly found myself transfixed about this for several reasons. I remember a quote from the famed actor/director Clint Eastwood from several years ago. He made the public comment that Barack Obama would go down in history as the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the United States of America.

This issue begs a couple of questions. In nearly all First Families, we see photo’s from their early childhood documenting their lives and special events. Usually, we see pictures of life-changing events such as pregnancy. Why is there no photographic evidence of Michelle’s early life? Why are there no pictures of her pregnant with her daughters? I defy anyone to find any. I know I Googled for them and the fact is, there aren’t any.

If you were not convinced before, this should do the trick. 

Why were there never any reports of Michelle’s medical checkup’s from Bethesda Naval Hospital as we have for every other President and their spouse? Laura Bush would go in for her annual physical, and the Dr. or Admiral would always do a news conference and tell us that our First Lady and President were both healthy or they were okay but needed medication for high blood pressure or whatever. This did not happen with Michelle. Could it be because the Physician at Bethesda refused to go on record and lie to America?

Now; stop and think about how obsessed Barack Obama was regarding LGBQT (xyzdmno, and whatever alphabet characters they use now) special rights he got enacted at one level or another. Keep this in mind; our Constitution covers Americans. It does not specify color, shape, size, or who you happen to sleep with or sexuality that you prefer. Knowing this, then why (when no other President had) would our President go full-on gay and press for so many special rights for American citizens sexual proclivities.

Barack Obama decided that gays needed to be married. Even the Reverend Louis Farrakhan disagreed with this in several of his sermons. Then he repealed the long-held military policy of “don’t ask-don’t tell.” Under Barack Obama, one could even serve in a dress while being a man if that happened to be your choice. I guess Corporal Klinger would have fit right in if President Truman had adopted that policy. Obama did not stop there. He then wrote an Executive Order that allowed or mandated Target to open their restrooms to everyone. Now that 50-year-old hairy legged Tranny could use the same restroom with your 10-year-old daughter, and there was nothing you could do or say about it. Why? Why would a President do something that so outraged 95% of our nation? And the list goes on of special treatment that Obama did for that group that comprises some 4% of American society.

The truth may or may not ever come out about our former First Ladies true genetic makeup. One has to agree though, “the evidence is certainly” there to prove an argument. If it ever does come out, you can be assured that the mainstream media will never publish the truth. We will continue to see coverups, spin, and deflection regarding the truth of Michelle err Michael’s true identity. As with everything else Obama, Michelle’s penis will continue to be a “question mark.”