As parents, we love our children. In fact, we have a love for our offspring that unless you’re a parent, you likely will never experience those depths of feelings. If you are a parent, then you know full well what I am attempting to describe. With all this said, if it were not for the fact that I do have something akin to “agape” love for my precious children, I would have stuffed my daughter into a 50-gallon drum barrel and tossed her into a deep canyon someplace out West. 

Keep in the mind that this is the daughter who I used to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show with on a daily basis. Then we would follow with Sean Hannity’s radio show. She preached conservatism, and she lived it. For the most part, she worked her way through college, obtained a great position with a winery in the Sonoma Valley of California and is raising a beautiful family. She is bright, college educated, and earns an above average salary while enjoying the beauty of Northern California and all that it has to offer. So what happened?

What happened was, “she moved back to Northern California,” is what happened!

Donald Trump; the only person alive that is more reviled by the left than Rush Limbaugh ( The Godfather of Modern Conservatism ).

Two years ago, I received a panic-stricken phone call from her. The call came in about the first of April. She was doing her taxes and was entirely beside herself over having to “pay more” to the State of California as well as the Internal Revenue Service. It turns out that between her and her husband, they were in the second to top tax bracket because they earned around $150,000 a year. I informed her that she needed to vote for then-candidate Donald J. Trump as the reason her taxes were so high was because of President Obama and Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. Ironically, I received a speech about how wonderful both were. It was then I knew my daughter had drunk the Kool-Aid and was lost forever.

If having to write a check for thousands of dollars to Sacramento won’t get your attention, then nothing else will. 

Jump forward to last week.

I received my weekly phone call from her. She was chipper and in a pretty good mood. We laughed a bit, and then she inquired about the happenings down on our Southern Border. I told her that it looked like ICE, the Border Patrol, INS, and the President were getting everything all ironed out. She was not amused and proceeded to “enlighten me” on the cruelty of what had been happening with the separation of the families. I attempted to explain that many of these “families” were not families at all. I attempted to explain that many of these children had been kidnapped by terrorist, gangs, pedophiles, etc. and were being used to gain illegal entry into the United States. I tried in vain to explain that America was doing the humane thing by separating them until they could verify that they actually were families. The ones that were not were being taken care of, and we were attempting to locate their real family or place them in foster care.

It is widely known that the real Joan Crawford had some very serious mental issues.

You would have thought that I had just eaten a newborn puppy. I held the phone away from ear as this voice that I had never heard in my life came shrieking through my speaker. The voice eerily reminded me of that line that was used in the infamous movie (Mommy Dearest) about the life of Joan Crawford. A harsh, raspy type of sound screeching “No More Wire Coathangers” was pretty much all I heard.

My once pretty, smart, compassionate, California laid-back daughter had become the horror-filled girl from the movie, The Exorcist. The irony was, she was not so much cursing the President, she was cursing me for supporting the President. I was asked the question, “so what would you do stop and fix the problem on the border?” In a flippant and humorous sort of way, I said; “Build a large wall, install machine gun nests on top, and that should solve the problem.” Oh, My Gosh; I was very unceremoniously informed that I was a bigot, racist, homophobic, and nine other less than flattering adjectives for saying this and supporting the President. It was at this point; she hung up on me while still shouting obscenities. 

We are witnessing a complete and total meltdown of half of our society. Why?

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that I found to be very applicable to this situation. America; we did not elect a Minister for President. We did not want another wimpy appeasement President, and we did not elect or want a social justice warrior. American wanted a tough, take no prisoners, defender of our nation, borders, and culture.

Unfortunately, when you have a personality such as this, you’re going to get the rest that goes with it. If you want John Wayne or General Patton, you’re going to have to give up the political correctness, and sweet verbiage. Be prepared for someone who uses 4-letter adjectives, and speaks directly with an “in-your-face” bravado.

What we are now witnessing in this nation today is the death of giant swamp creature. He is thrashing, moaning, gnashing his teeth and wailing. The left knows their days are numbered and that conservatism is on a roll. The American people are tired of the “business as usual,” and they realize it takes a George Patton/err: Donald Trump to clean the house. For this, they’re willing to tolerate a portion of his personality that is less than flattering and even some of his skeletons in his vast closet.

To my daughter and everyone else who has children who are hating you because you support Donald Trump: When you were a child, we told you to take your medicine. Yes, it tasted terrible, but it made you all better. Today, we are making you take your medication because we love you and in the end, you will have a better nation to raise our grandchildren in. Now, OPEN WIDE!