Ask ten of your friends and family, “what is the greatest threat to the United States?” You will hear answers such as Communism, Illegal Alien Immigration, Open Borders, Terrorism, Donald Trump, Democrats, and other topics. The odds are you will not hear probably the most dangerous threat we now have in this country. 

For the past three-days (after the Helsinki Summit), I made it a point to watch Morning Joe out of curiosity more than anything else. I was curious to observe what sort of slant the so-called “fake news” would televise about the summit. What I witnessed was nothing short of frightening. For the past three days, MSNBC has charged this President with ” Death Penalty ” crimes such as ‘ TREASON,’ and if that is not enough, they have also charged him with being in the early stages of ‘ Dimensia.’ MSNBC is not alone, the same talking points are transpiring on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and to some slighter degree, even Fox News.

It’s one thing to have “freedom of the press” and something altogether different to tell the world our President is mentally ill without a medical diagnosis.

The apparent problem the liberal media has with the President is that Trump refused to grab Vladimir Putin by the tie and accuse him of lying about “meddling” in the election which (they feel) caused Hillary Clinton to lose. The second problem the leftist media have is that Trump (when asked) responded with the word “would” instead of “wouldn’t” in his answer to a question as to whether he felt Russia had indeed interfered with our election process.

Keep this in mind, in reality, what sort of “meddling” could Russia have done that would have actually swung the election in favor of President Trump rather than Hillary Clinton? As far as ‘planting’ stories about Hillary or Trump, yes this could have happened. But keep in mind that Hillary was running hundreds of millions of dollars worth of national advertising. Donald Trump was running the same, and as usual, we (the American people) become sick of all the advertising and usually begin turning a deaf ear to it anyway. We know that Russia “played” a little on social media, but nothing that would have overcome the mass advertising that her campaign was putting out. Otherwise, ballot boxes would have been immune to any “meddling” as none are connected to computer systems which are hooked into the Internet. In fact, many states and precincts still use paper ballots.

Never in history has a President been so viciously attacked as President Trump has been since the night he won back in November of 2016. The assault has been nothing short of a digital version of D-Day on this Administration and Trump personally. He has been accused as a tax-cheat, a womanizer, a Putin sympathizer, a racist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, and someone someplace I’m pretty sure has even accused him of being a puppy murderer.

Jeff Bezos ( Owner of Amazon ) has recently traversed into the wonderful world of the main-stream media. His purchase of the Washington Post and all their holdings, put’s Bezos on the front lines of news across this nation. Bezos has officially been ordained as the “Wealthiest person” on the planet. His net worth is somewhere in the range of $100-$150 Billion which makes him twice as wealthy as Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, and Warren Buffett. This is relevant because Bezos can begin purchasing as much media as he desires and never affect his personal wealth. This is further relevant because Jeff Bezos is a very publically proud Democrat who despises President Trump. This is the reason you never read a conservatively slanted story in the Washington Post.

Mass media has the power to alter history. When the media is manufacturing news rather than reporting, they become dangerous for our nation.

Take a look at this list published at Forbes. Many multi-billionaires have now forayed into the world of becoming news outlets. The problem is almost identical to what happened back at the turn of the twentieth century. William Randolph Hearst became one of the most massive media moguls in the nation. His power was almost unchecked when it came to what was published, and it is widely known that Hearst directly affected elections of Congressmen, Governors, Senators, and yes, even Presidents.

Here is the problem for our nation today. Many of these media moguls today are more interested in pushing their agenda’s ( Just as Hearst did 100-years ago ) rather than just reporting the news. Fox promotes conservative agenda’s because Rupert Murdoch is a Republican and wants his slant on issues put out in the American populace. Michael Bloomberg ( a very left leaning ) Independent/Republican (pseudo) owns a media empire that caters to Business related issues, but with some 2,000 reporters, his philosophy is spread far and wide.

Forbes has even gone so far as to publish an article which states that Fox viewers are less intelligent than those of New York Times readers.

America; the most significant threat to our nation and democratic freedoms is not illegal aliens, terrorism, or Donald Trump. The most significant threat to our country is our national media, newspaper publications, Yahoo News, MSN, and all the rest of the mainstream media. Understand that some 30,000,000 homes view the big-3 networks nightly. Digital publications such as Axios, Huffington Post, Variety, and more, have millions of readers daily. Combine this with the fact that these publications and media outlets are all in bed with the Democrat Party, Americans are being fed propaganda by the tens of millions of citizens.

In the end; is there any difference is what the old Soviet Empire did with Pravda? Pravda was a government controlled news source for the Communist regime. Is there any difference in what the Soviet Union did with Pravda and what the liberal media is doing today by everyone parroting the same talking points put out by the Democrat party?

The sad truth is, what began as a lie put out by the old Clinton regime has morphed into a major multimillion dollar kangaroo investigation that could bring down a duly elected Administration. America; this is nothing short of an orchestrated coup against Donald Trump and this administration. The unfortunate part is, the American people are still being lied to and fed bogus information. How in God’s name and all that is good is this being tolerated in our country? How is this happening in the United States of America?