Just when you thought that many Republicans had finally come to grips with this President, the “Never-Trumpers” seem to have risen again. This time, it is not just the Liberals who have effectively lost their collective minds, half of the GOP have joined forces to melt-down with them. Normally Fox News is “Fair and Balanced,” but even today a few of the Fox News host has succumbed to the “Trump is guilty of treason,” rally cry.

This is just a sample of what is appearing on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Even the once reliable Neil Cavuto has lost his sense of thought and reason. 

This is what the left is saying about yesterday’s summit between Vladimir Putin and President Trump.

In an OP-ED on Fox News’s website, the customarily subdued Douglas Schoen has even written a piece about how Donald Trump has “given away the farm,” and Vladimir Putin kicked the President’s butt in their meeting.

Both Republican leadership, as well as the Democrats, had plenty to say about the press conference that Trump and Putin held. Of course, Senator John McCain weighed in with his two-cents on Twitter: Today’s press conference in #Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The statement by McCain might have been one of the few on Twitter that was fit for family viewing. Most comments made would have made a sailor blush with their (shall we say) colorful descriptions of what people thought.

Now that the President is back on American soil, I do not doubt that today, many in the House and Senate will be calling for “charges” of this, that or nine-other things be brought against President Trump. Before you in the media, the Democrat Party, and the not so stable Republicans hang yourselves with your insipidly stupid charges of treason and whatever else you’re going to paste the President with, I recommend you read on.

These are the facts;

  • Yes, there are apparently warrants for 12-Russians who are being charged with some sort of cyber-crimes. Apparently, Special Investigator Mueller thinks they guys hacked into the DNC computer systems and lifted some information.
  • According to most rational reporters, Vladimir Putin (himself), President Trump (himself), pundits on television, and even law enforcement who is investigating these crimes have yet to find any collusion between the Russian people, officials, leadership or any other Russian with the Trump for President campaign. This effectively means that “EVERYTHING BEING UTTERED YESTERDAY” was nothing more than speculation.

In effect what you had yesterday was a whole bunch of people who wanted the President of the United States to stand on a world stage and call out the President of Russia for felonies against the American electoral system. 

Hypothetically Speaking; Since we don’t yet have any hardcore evidence that the Russian “meddling” had any, some, maybe, and whatever else (Insert adjective here) in our election process, let’s take Vlad at his word that their government didn’t actually sanction this activity. Let’s be bold for a moment and try not to be hypocrites. Does anyone remember the recent Barack Obama activity in Israel? That’s right readers; the United States government actually tried to oust Bibi Netanyahu as President of Israel. Our most beloved ally Israel, the United States government led by Barack Obama tried to obtain a change of the guard in Tel Aviv. And Obama did this with tax-payer funds!

Since there has been “NO-TRIAL,” with zero witnesses presented, and nothing but passionate pleas sent up the flagpole, let us assume until proven guilty that Putin’s statements are correct. If I was to understand the big blowup yesterday, the left and the right are upset because Donald Trump did not point his finger, call Putin a liar, charge him with criminal mischief, demand that he turns over 12-Russian citizens to face a kangaroo court back in New York City and then shoot the Russian Dictator. Have I got this right America?


Do any of you imbecilic idiots charging President Trump with “TREASON” have the foggiest clue what would have happened if Trump had stood on that stage, pointed his finger and charged Putin with anything other than “hope you’re doing well Mr. President?” With zero proof to provide of an actual crime, we probably would be involved in World War III today. That is what would have happened, and even if we did have proof, you do not go on global television and hurl accusations against a world leader like that! Period! President Trump knew this, and he knows the mind of Vladimir Putin. He knows that Putin is a very proud man and will not stand for being insulted in a setting like that. This is also a fact: NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE PRESIDENT SAID IN THEIR TWO HOUR MEETING THAT WAS PRIVATE! 

The hypocrisy by the left is fantastic and even some Never-Trumpers. Does anyone remember a fellow by the name of Saddam Hussein? Our very own CIA installed him as President of Iraq to go to war with Iran back in the late 1970’s. Remember the Shaw of Iran? Yes, we put him in power. We (yes, our government) were mostly responsible for the overthrow of the Egyptian government a few years back and called it an Arab Spring. Egypt was but one nation we did this with. Half the Middle East governments were overthrown during that bloody time, and it was the United States Central Intelligence Agency who led most of it.

The United States has been (not just meddling), we have been directly responsible for the overthrow and financing of many nations leaderships for decades upon decades.

The hard truth is; no ballot boxes are connected to the Internet or WiFi or anything else. Paper ballots are still used in many states and voting booths. There was and is no possibility of Russia, China, Peru or Thailand to alter our voting results. Bill Gates himself could not do it if he wanted too. Yes, there have been reports of some votes being changed on a few select boxes, but George Soros is usually blamed for that. NOT RUSSIA!

Yesterday in Helsinki, President Trump took the high-road and despite everyone clamoring, left with a handshake and an agreement to try and repair relations that Hillary Clinton screwed up by charging Russia with corruption in her loss. If anyone should be charged at this point with anything, it should be Hillary Clinton and her ragtag team of misfits who paid $14,000,000 for a fake dossier that implicated a nation in crimes against America. Posting some ads on Facebook; Twitter does not constitute the illegal election of Donald Trump. Hacking into the Democrats and Hillary’s servers do not and did not alter America’s disdain for this crook who was a horrible candidate, to begin with.

America; stand down on the treason rhetoric, get a grip, let Trump do his thing with Putin and tell Mueller to go jump in a lake.