The hysteria surrounding President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee has become nothing short of comical. Do the Democrats honestly believe that one Justice will “change life as we know it,” as one female politician noted? 

A couple of points need to be made. While nominee Kavanaugh is a Republican, he is by far and away-not a “super-tea-party” type of conservative Republican. Suggestions have been tossed out that he is a “hard-right” leaning conservative. That doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, some on the right are afraid that since Justice Kagan had recommended him or served with him is a few past positions, this makes him Liberal, I find that to be over the top as well. Some are slamming him because he served under President Bush 43. This is also very unfair.

Now you see both sides. The far-right is skittish because of his affiliations with the Bush family and his professional alignment with Kagan. The left fears him because he is Catholic and might be pro-life. Statements by Chucky Schumer has him wanting to pass out guns to school-aged children with his reference to the Parkland school shootings. What’s next? I guess that the lefty media types will have the potential Justice pouring catsup on your kids and wanting to eat them also.

Zealots Are A Bad Thing:

What we don’t need on the Supreme Court are zealots. Be they right or be they left. Brett Kavanaugh left no doubt in his White House address the other night where he stands. He stands with the Constitution. That is the beginning and the end.

One of the leading complaints from the “Right” about Kavanaugh is that he ‘clerked’ for Anthony Kennedy. Allow me to remind the right that Kennedy voted over 75% with the conservatives on the court. Kavanaugh made it very clear that “Judges are to interpret that law, not make the law.”

Having ruled on over 300-cases that came before him while he sat on the D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals, there is without question, nobody that Trump could have nominated that is more qualified for this position.

To prove a point about the radical left, the Democrat Senators know full well what this nominee’s credentials are. Knowing what his street and legal creds are, then why are they protesting this nominee? Are not United States Senators supposed to vote on and support what is best for America? Why are Senators like Booker, Sanders, and Schumer drawing a partisan line? Here we have a Supreme Court Nominee that is imminently qualified to be a Justice on the highest court in the land, and these Senators don’t want him. The appalling notion to me is that two Republican Senators (Collins and Murkowski) are willing to throw away the best choice for our nation over something such as abortion.

Remember; for over forty years, we have been told by the Democrats that Roe V Wade was “SETTLED LAW.” If the law is so settled, then why are the radical feminist screeching and wailing about this nominee? The worst-case scenario for the leftist loons across America is that the Supreme Court sends the law back to the states to be voted on. We know that California loves to murder babies along with New York, and a slew of other blue states. Again, why are you panicking over Brett Kavanaugh?

Is Brett Kavanaugh even the REAL NOMINEE? 

After witnessing the reaction for the past two days or so by the left, right and even to some degree the middle, I am left to wonder if Kavanaugh’s nomination is even the real end game by President Trump. The President will have known that his appointment would draw this vitriolic response. He will have also recognized that this is going to drive wedges within the Democrat Party and even to some degree the Republicans. At present we know that the GOP is down two votes with the baby murdering supporting votes of Murkowski and Collins. Because of this, the White House and Kavanaugh must pick up several votes from the donkey side of the aisle.

Hypothetically Speaking

Knowing that the President and his staff will have weighed all of the above and much more, let me ask a semi-cruel but a genuine question. What if Brett Kavanaugh was designed to be a throwaway nominee to allow the left to shriek, groan, moan, and hit every news show on the planet? What if all along, President Trump’s actual desire was Amy Barrett from Notre Dame? Sources close the President have said for the past week (leading up to Kavanaugh’s nomination) that the President was leaning toward Barrett because of her openly wearing of her faith on her sleeve.

My theory is this. Trump sends Kavanaugh to the wolves knowing it is going to be a very hard “Yes” from the Senate. In the end, he loses by 3 or 4 votes. Then the President sends up Amy Barrett knowing a couple of things. The leftist leaning Collins and Murkowski have already used their anti-Trump chip and are very unlikely to play that card again. The country has already been through a month of grinding friction and is not going to put up with much more. In the end, Amy Barrett is overwhelmingly approved.

America; Brett Kavanaugh will not eat your children, contrary to what Chuck Schumer and the other mentally damaged leftist will tell you. He is a solid pick, but in the end, because of the fact that Trump gets to choose another SCOTUS Justice, they are going to disapprove whoever he sends up the flagpole. He could have appointed the Lord Jesus himself and the Democrats will and would have rejected him. I think we should pass a law making it illegal to be an idiot leftist.