It almost seems as if the further President Trump progresses in his term and the more the accomplishments rack up, the more “unhinged” the left becomes. Democrat House members such as Maxine Waters, Al Green, Sheila Jackson Lee, and many more seem to be placing their reelection ambitions on an impeach Trump mantra. Nary a day goes by that Waters doesn’t find a camera to scream her new campaign slogan “Impeach 45“. Politico types seem to be the least aggressiveĀ in their unbridled disdain of this president. The general public with a “D” on their foreheadĀ are the ones who are causing the most problems for those who support the President.

By now, most of us have seen the video of the young man eating a hamburger at a fast food restaurant.

There are dozens and dozens of videos on YouTube of innocent people being assaulted for the act of wearing a Trump hat or t-shirt. As if having ‘Antifa’ destroying, burning, looting, attacking private property and citizens isn’t bad enough, now we have some of our most revered actors and actresses getting in on the act.

If the President isn’t being threatened by the likes of Johnny Depp, he is having an ‘over-the-hill’ pop star threatening to “blow up the White House.” When you are affected by the disease of hatred to the level that many on the left are now being affected, even the most highly respected and revered actors succumb to the mob mentality. Robert DeNiro (one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood) fell prey to this movement at the Tony Awards and has all but destroyed a 40-plus year acting career.

Seriously ponder this for a moment. Can you ever imagine 30-40-50 years ago, a legendary actor going on live-television and using profanity such as DeNiro did to curse a sitting President of the United States? Imagine what would have happened had Dean Martin, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope or John Wayne stepped up to a microphone and issued forth 4-letter words in the direction of Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter or even Richard Nixon. They would have literally been run out of tinsel town had that happened. America had a much higher standard of decency a few decades ago that has somehow been lost. To have Elvis stand on a stage and tell the world that he has been “thinking about blowing up the White House” as Madonna did is somehow unimaginable to most people.

In recent weeks America has begun revolting against this type of behavior from Hollywood. Boycotts have been called for on all of Robert DeNiro’s movies. Motion pictures that were thought to have been box office successes are losing money rather than earning their usual big bucks. Madonna is probably wondering why her royalty checks have been reduced and Johnny Depp is on the verge of bankruptcy. Although in fairness it is not so much from his President Trump remarks as it is from his outlandish spending habits.

What has slowly begun happening is this. The bulk of the American people are sick and tired of the left’s total lack of respect for this President. It is one thing for a Democrat to appear on a Sunday morning talk show and disagree with a White House policy, and it is quite another to attack and insult a sitting President personally. While we may have differing viewpoints, we were taught as children to respect the office of the Presidency.

God knows that I vehemently disagreed with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter on most issues. In fact, in the later years of his White House occupancy, I disagreed quite a few times with President George W. Bush, but I never once even had thoughts of harm cross my mind for any of these Presidents. I never once publically called them a foul name or attached 4-letter words to their description.

Democrats be warned! There is quite possibly a backlash coming for you in November. America is tired of this never-ending Mueller colonoscopy of the President. America is tired of Hollywood’s childish behavior, hypocrisy, and total lack of respect for this President. America is tired of Maxine calling for the adolescent anarchist to assault high ranking government officials when all their doing is eating lunch or dinner.

You have been warned Mr. and Mrs. Democrat brain-damaged loon. Back off this President or your day of reckoning will come in early November. Remember the old saying: “you reapeth what you sow.” You’re all sowing hatred, venom, and animosity. This what you will reap soon enough.