Somewhere in America today, a once proud Democrat is asking themselves; ‘what happened?’ The party of Jefferson needs to look no further than the ‘Unholy Alliances’ in which you have aligned yourselves with. Gone are the days of John F. Kennedy and visions of greatness. The loons in which you have subjugated yourselves too believe that greatness entails “reducing America to that of a third world country in Africa.” Then and only then will we have paid for our past sins from three-hundred years ago.

Today’s New York Post has a very well written Op-Ed by Michael Goodwin titled: The Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning. Goodwin launches into an essay about the mass protest, teeth gnashing, and attacks on the Trump supporters which have become more frequent and more violent. The leftist seem to be willing to cross all lines of decency with their protest of this President.

White House Press Secretary Sanders is thrown out of The Red Hen because she works for President Trump.

Just two-weeks ago Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to leave a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D. C. Lasts week White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant by the owner in Virginia, just because she worked for the President. Remember, it was only last year that conservative gay-activist Milo Yiannopoulos was so heavily protested for an impending speech during “Free Speech Week” at UC Berkeley, that the University canceled “Free Speech Week.” The cancellation did not come without “Antifa” having had all but destroyed downtown Berkeley, assaulting conservatives, and millions in property damage.

One of the leading groups that the Democrats have embraced is the group “Antifa.” Who is Antifa, and what is it do they want? The acronym “Antifa” stands for (ironically) Anti-Fascist. Antifa began their protests against Trump even before he was elected. The group had terrorized Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and dozens of other cities. Thousands would march, break windows, loot businesses, and cause general chaos all in an effort to call attention to the “Fascist” known as Donald Trump. True Fascist such as Mussolini (the leader of Italy during WWII) would stifle free speech, grab up industries (such as Obama did the Auto Industry), and attack those who oppose their ambitions (such as the Obama Administration did with the IRS and Tea Party).

The American people are not stupid. When you have the Tea Party protesting obscene spending by our government, obvious Constitutional infringements by D. C., over taxation, illegal monitoring of our people, and so much more. On the other side of the street, you have Antifa protesting the Tea Party in the name of the Democrat Party, who do you think the American people are going to support when it comes election time?

Combine all of that with slapping bakers around for adhering to their Christian beliefs. Pile on a bit of ‘fighting for a women’s right to murder a full-term child,’ then protesting to legalize drug usage to drag our children into a lifetime of misery, is it any wonder why the citizens of this nation would not want to “Make America Great Again?

Kevin Jackson is a rising star in the Conservative African-American movement.

In an effort to expand their voter base, the Democrat’s have embraced every radical fringe group they can get their hands on. This includes grabbing up illegal aliens from foreign nations and dragging them to the voting booths. To the Democrats despair, some of their base has begun fleeing the plantation of socialism. Many African-American social leaders have started publically speaking out against the Democrat platform. Leaders such as Kevin Jackson (the Black Sphere), radio talk host Larry Elder, football legend Lynn Swann, South Carolina U. S. Senator Tim Scott, Actress and Fox News Contributor Stacey Dash, and most recently Diamond and Silk of Donald Trump’s campaign fame are but a few.

It is very typical for a party who loses power to be in a bit of a flux for a short-time as they seek new leadership to lead them back to prosperity. However, this time, the woefully disorganized Dem’s are literally clueless as to who they want to lead them to the promised land. Former Vice-President Biden seems to be a slight front-runner, along with the whining criminal Hillary Clinton and several more who belong at the retirement home as they are all over 70-years of age. Currently, there are a few younger ones such as New Jersey Senator Corey Booker who don’t have a chance at glory because of the sins of former President Barack Obama. Booker is trying desperately to invoke race into the issue, along with tons of “rights” (IE: free college, free healthcare, and a free Porche if you happen to be a minority-tongue in cheek) in the hopes that he can capitalize on Obama’s “First Half-Black Man to be President” coattails.

Of course, who can forget about the family-friendly group known as “Black Lives Matter?” These are the fine folks that preach ‘black superiority, death to white people, death to cops and any law enforcement officer for that matter.” All the while preaching to the media that all they want is justice and equality. Yeah right!

The Dem’s need to realize that America is tired of the mounting debt, the unbridled socialism being preached, and the shredding of traditional American values. The proof of that statement is “look who’s occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”