The rotund Michigan “Documentary Film Maker” Michael Moore is at it again. The movie mogul who produced ‘Roger & Me,’ ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, ‘Bowling For Columbine,’ and another half-dozen or so films is now going after President Trump. The title of his newest project is; “Fahrenheit 11/9”, based on the date that Donald Trump was declared President of the United States.

If last night’s interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show was any indication, then I’m very confident that this movie will be filled with half-truths, and misguided liberal propaganda spewing. 

If by some remote possibility that Michael Moore is reading this, Mr. Moore; let us begin at the beginning. It was NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP who instituted the ‘separation of parents from their children’ at the border of these United States.’ That was a President Clinton signed piece of legislation ( the 1997 Flores Act, which allowed for the separation of families) not Trump. What we have had for the past dozen or more years is our legal system looking the other way. What President Trump did, was to order that the laws be enforced. If you care to blame somebody, blame “Slick Willy.” From Snopes:  Under the 1997 settlement, DHS could detain unaccompanied children captured at the border for only 20 days before releasing them to foster families, shelters or sponsors, pending resolution of their immigration cases. The settlement was later expanded through other court rulings to include both unaccompanied and accompanied children.

Now that we have settled that little dust-up let us proceed with more of your dribble. 

Let us discuss your accusation that “Most of America believes in Global Warming.” Fact #1: Only 45% of the American people believe that the earth is warming to any significant degree. The truth of the matter is this. America has been pounded with lies and more lies for some two-decades now. The manufacturing of global warming was created by George Soros, and former Vice-President Al Gore as a massive money scheme to create a “Carbon Exchange,” which would have earned the two profiteers billions in profits. The exchange collapsed in Chicago, but the profiteering has not. If you want to make a documentary, why not make one on the biggest hoax in the history of our nation, that being “Global Warming.”

Fact #2: Here are a couple of websites you may want to visit on what is really happening. The earth is not warming; in fact, we are cooling. If we were warming, then both poles would not have their ice-caps growing. Instead, they would be shrinking. Please explain how, if we are genuinely warming, why is the ice at the Antarctic growing thicker and expanding? Why is the ice at the Arctic Circle growing, thickening, and developing? Please enlighten my readers on how this is possible.

While most Americans today (approx. 60%) do want marijuana legalized, what most Americans don’t realize is that this is the cause of harder drug use. If you want to find a reason for crack, cocaine, heroin, opioid, and other hard drug addiction, look no further than pot. In most studies, when addicts have been questioned “how they got started on drugs,” marijuana was overwhelmingly cited as the root gateway drug of choice. Now, ask America if knowing that Marijuana is the reason their children are now addicted to crack, heroin, and other deadly drugs, do they still want it legalized, I’ll bet all the tea in China, they say: “NOT NO, BUT HELL NO!”

If you want to know what pot does to a community, ask Denver, Colorado what they now think. Denver was once a pristine city with a downtown Capital area that you could have eaten off the sidewalk. Not anymore! Since Colorado has legalized pot, downtown now has homeless pot smokers laying on the lawn of the State Capital, muggings have gone up, auto accidents have skyrocketed, crime has risen and trash is everywhere in downtown Denver. In other words, Denver has headed the way of San Francisco, California.

Mr. Moore has for years slammed capitalism as evil, criticized guns as the cause of all our problems, slammed corporations and cars for a fictitious global warming, but has anyone seen how he lives?

Michael Moore’s estimated net wealth sits around $50,000,000.00, give or take. He doesn’t like guns, but yet he has bodyguards who are heavily armed. According to the Washington Times article posted a couple of years ago, Moore travels in his private plane, has a fleet of SUV’s (of which you’re not allowed because of global warming), and lives a life of luxury.

The bottom line is this; Michael Moore uses capitalism as a means to garner more wealth, all the while criticizing it. He uses liberalism to line his pockets and is laughing all the way to the bank. He slams guns but is protected by guns. He slams Exxon for causing global warming but owns a private jet. Can any one human be more hypocritical than Michael Moore? I doubt it.