I have a friend who lives in Arizona. This particular friend will remain anonymous¬†for reasons you’ll understand shortly. I will give you her gender in order that I can refer to her more efficiently, but the bottom line is this. I used to consider her somewhat of a ‘tin-foil-hat’ sort of a person. We used to have very spirited debates on the phone to the point of one of us usually hanging up on the other. This person is also someone that is undeniably one of the most passionate America loving patriots I have ever known. She is tough, she is educated, and she carries a firearm. With all this said, “where am I going with this?”¬†

Before you watch the 13-minute video below, I want you to watch this short 2-minute video of former President George H. W. Bush’s “State of the Union” address back in 1991. This will give validation for the 13-minute video. I remember watching that State of the Union address and remember hearing those words. It struck me, but I did not truly understand at the moment what he said. I only remember thinking; “this is odd for a President to say.”

Like most of you, I have been “awe-struck” at the totality of viciousness launched against President Trump since he became President. We have all by now heard the term “Deep-State.” What is the Deep-State? Who is part of it, and why are we talking about it? Remember; it was President Trump who first uttered the words a couple of years back. Why do we have this guy named Mueller running around trying to find something, anything to lodge against our President so he can be removed from office? Could we actually have had a leader or two of our most powerful law enforcement agencies in a conspiracy to overthrow an entire election held by “We the People?” These and many more answers are in this 13-minute video that will change the way you look at the news and current affairs in our nation for years to come.

Understand America; we are genuinely and literally fighting for our freedom in this nation. For years, I have known “SOMETHING IS WRONG,” but I could never quite put my finger on it. Now I know! Now I know why I have been fighting for the past 9-going on 10-years to get “good people” elected. Now I know why I have given so many speeches, formed Tea Parties, started websites, and traveled so much. Now I know my mission for real, and I am going to continue it until every last American knows the truth about what is happening in our land.

I am imploring each of you to read this today, watch these two video’s, then share this through Facebook, Twitter, email, or whatever you have to do to get this information into as many Americans hands as you can. If ever an article and video needed to go viral, this is it my Patriot brothers and sisters.

HERE IT IS, WATCH THIS 13-MINUTES (which explains everything and) THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If and it will not be by accident that the above video is not available on YouTube, then you can watch it on this link as well.


Now you know, now you too understand what is and has been happening in our land. Now we know “who” the Deep-State is and “why” Donald J. Trump is President. Throughout history, God has always brought the right person to get us back on track or keep us on track. We had the toughness and wisdom of a George Washington, and the genius of Thomas Jefferson. Then we had the compassion, tenacity, and faith of Abraham Lincoln who kept our nation as one country instead of being broken apart. Probably nobody else could have kept us calm, and led us out of some of our darkest hours better than Franklin D. Roosevelt. He not only led us to prosperity again but denied and destroyed evil from conquering the world. And once more we have someone who could only be described as something akin to “Michael the Arch Angel.”

If Michael were human, he would be the guy who walks into the bar, slugs down a shot of Scotch, lights a cigar, tells a dirty joke, then proceeds to clean the bar out of all the evil people. Michael is the angel is not so very angelic. Then again, you need a tough, rouge guy who loves the Lord but can get into the gutter to fight Satan.

President Donald J. Trump is our modern day Michael the Arch Angel. He is tough, he is fair, he is honest, and he is truly doing battle with Satan right now.

Stay aware America, get prepared, circle the wagons, because this is going to probably get uglier before it gets better. Satan doesn’t like losing, but in the end, he will, and we will continue to “Make America Great Again.”