Friday, President Trump decided to honor mothers and families who had lost loved ones at the hands of “Illegal Aliens.” No sooner than he had finished with honoring these broken families, the Democrats and idiots like comedian Kathy Griffin were pounding out Tweets criticising the President and his purpose for holding the event in the first place.

Reading about this in Fox News Insider online publication, not only infuriated me, it has caused me to relate a few stories about this President’s enormous heart that I have personally witnessed. Like I said above, Kathy Griffin is an idiot. In addition to being crude, insulting, and a terrible comedian, she is a lying idiot at that.

Long before President Trump even decided to run for the White House, he was reaching out to people that needed help and compassion. One classic example of this happened seven or eight years ago.

One Sunday evening, then “Mr. Trump” was sitting on the couch with his wife Melania, and both were watching an episode of ‘60-Minutes.’ A segment came on titled “Anger in the Land.” It was about how home appliance manufacturer “Maytag” had pulled out of the small Iowa town Newton, and relocated to Mexico to increase profits by cutting labor cost.

Back in late 2015 (just before the Iowa Caucuses), I attended an “Iowa Townhall” meeting held in Newton. The two gentlemen in this segment were present and relating their stories at a theater on the campus of a local trade college. Then-candidate Trump was there answering questions being posed to him by WHO-TV 13 political reporter Dave Price. During the question and answer segment, each of these two stood up and told their story. I verified these stories after they spoke by stopping each gentleman and asking them questions about their interaction with Mr. Trump.

The funniest one was the fellow that owned the Domino’s Pizza. This guy was so grateful to Trump that he brought about a 100 Pizza’s with him to feed the crowd as they meandered around the facility while the town hall was being held. I grabbed 2-slices of sausage myself.

The morning after the airing of this particular segment, he walks into his restaurant around 10:00 to start prepping for the day. A couple of minutes later, the phone rings. He answers and this fellow on the other end introduced himself as “Donald Trump in New York City.” Being a typical Iowan, he hangs up the phone not believing it was really Donald Trump calling from NYC. A minute later, Mr. Trump’s secretary called him back and informed him that it was actually Donald Trump.

Keep in mind that this guy had just stood in front of 500 people and bared his soul about his experience of nearly losing everything when he spoke to me personally. With tears in his eyes, he told me how Trump had called and “asked him how he could help him.” He then said Trump didn’t know him from Adam, but he wanted to help a total stranger! The short story is, Mr. Trump invited him over to Trump Tower in Chicago and told him to bring the guy that owned the Advertising Specialty company with him. He did not give specifics, but he said to me that Trump had saved both their businesses, homes and pretty much their entire lives and everything they had ever worked for. Remember, this was years before President Trump ever announced he was running when he made that now famous escalator ride down to the press conference.

This is but one story of Trump’s compassion for people that is never retold in the media. Here is another!

The day was hot, and I mean stifling hot in Iowa. August has the corn in Iowa at near maturity, and the humidity is always high with temperatures usually in the low to mid 90’s. August brings one of the most significant fairs in America to Des Moines every year. August of 2015 had all the Presidential candidates visiting the festival as they always have huge crowds. Iowa is unique in that we have a “Candidate Soap Box” where the contenders will stop by and give a stump speech standing on hay bales.

I had received a phone call from the Iowa Trump team and been invited to come out the baseball fields behind the fairgrounds as Mr. “T” (as the crew called him) would be arriving by chopper. The reason was, he was going to give a bunch of children rides in his helicopter. Keep in mind; this is not an ordinary helicopter. It is a totally customized chopper that was done to “Trump Standards.” This means all leather seating had embroidered Trump Family Crest emblems in each seat back, and 14K gold plated seat belt connectors. This bird is plenty plush, to say the least. It is also a jet helicopter which means it is loud and fast! Nothing but the best for Trump!!

This is where Mr. Trump stopped under the tree to visit with a lady in a wheelchair.

Trump arrived, met with some of the kids, took a few on a ride, then handed off “riding duties” to his crew, and jumped aboard a golf cart caravan into the fairgrounds. I was part of the party and followed closely behind. As he entered, the crowds had begun gathering, and it was a crowd that I never witnessed for a Presidential candidate. Iowa is used to these guys and gals running around, and we don’t get too excited when a Governor or Senator shows up and touts their resume to be President. Not this time, this was a sea of humanity waiting at the gates.

As we entered the gates, Mr. T spots a little older lady in a wheelchair sitting under a tree with a sign in her lap that she was holding with shaking hands. The sign said, “I heart (red heart) Donald Trump.” Trump stops the procession, jumps out of the golf cart (to the dismay of his security) and walks over, get’s down on one knee and starts talking with this lady. I was standing probably 2-3 feet behind him as this took place right in front of me.

Mr. Trump began asking her “how is life treating you?” “How can I make life better for you if I am President,” and many other questions that NO CANDIDATE I HAVE EVER HEARD, EVER ASKED A VOTER! The point being, he genuinely cared about this little old lady and her condition as an American citizen. I have watched him hug senior citizens, hug Veterans, and yes even embrace other older ladies and kiss their foreheads. He signs everything put in his face at these rallies (or he used to before being elected), and he always answers questions put to him by voters.

For these morons to suggest that Donald Trump is callous and doesn’t care, I can tell you categorically is an out-right lie. I have witnessed his compassion personally on many occasions, and this is the first President in a long, long time that actually does have the heart for the common man. With all this said, Kathy Griffin and the rest of the Hollywood elitists, you’re all full of bull fertilizer. I’ll take Trump any day over anyone else you can come up with.