Current Department of Homeland Security statistics says, ‘they’re arriving at the rate of 250 a day‘ on the Mexican-American border.┬áThat’s 250 minor children a day that are being detained in holding centers. Some are being held for a short time at temporary holding locations while being processed. Afterward, if found to be safe by DHS, they are turned over to relatives, or if the parents meet the criteria, they are released to the parents after only a few days.

Others children who having been found to be smuggled, used by drug lords, are victims of sex abuse rings and other unconscionable acts, are transferred to more permanent facilities. The facilities have more of a hotel type feel to them. They have bedrooms where siblings are kept together if they are younger. They have movie theaters, game rooms, cafeteria, school rooms, playground, and all the things children like. These facilities are equipped with child psychologist, counselors, medical professionals, teachers, and government employees who are managing these centers. This is the part that you do not see on the main-stream media newscast.

This is one of the bedrooms in centers where the government is caring for many of these orphaned children.

Initially, I was bitterly opposed to what was happening on the border. In fact, I wrote an article in anger that in retrospect, I confess, I jumped the gun. After having invested a week or more researching this border crisis, I have found that President Trump is doing his job and doing it very effectively. The parts the liberal media is not bothering to mention is this.

  • Drug lords and gangs steal, purchase, kidnap, or whatever they do to obtain teenage children to cart their drugs north across the border. Yes, dozens of these children are found daily to be victims of drug cartels, and we are saving them from almost certain death.
  • I cannot imagine having to do this and the pain that many parents must feel, but, many of these children are brought to the border by parents who send their┬ákids across the border alone, knowing the United States will provide them a better life than they will ever get in Guatemala.
  • Some of these children are legitimate, and after 20-days are either reunited with their parents or turned over to Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or Siblings who are already documented and legal in America.

Yes, tragically, in some cases, younger children are taken from their mother’s arms. However, these children once verified who they are, and the mothers are appropriately processed, are reunited. In these cases, our Border Patrol and Government Agents are expediting. Keep in mind that people working in these centers and on the border are parents also. They know the pain these legitimate families are feeling, and are not enjoying doing this. However, due to the abuse being inflicted on many of these children, it must be done to protect the children.

The problem for the politicians is this. Politics is perception! With the lefty holding the camera and microphone, the only parts the bulk of the American people are getting are the stories of the breastfeeding baby being ripped from its mother’s breast by a mean old guy in green fatigues wearing a big gun on his hip. Last night, Fox News and Laura Ingraham went to the border south of San Diego. This area seems to a hot spot for much of the crossing occurring into the United States. Her film crew gained access to two holding areas. One was the temporary one with the wire mesh being used for temporary detainment, and the other was the long-term housing that has been erected by our government. Laura interviewed two border agents of which one was a higher ranking supervisor type. They both claimed on camera last night that the United States is, in fact, saving many of these children’s lives who would otherwise end up in sex slave rings or worse.

Many of these children have been used to take drugs across the border and many more have been saved from kidnappers.

When considering all angles to this story, there are no winners except possibly the children themselves. The children get to begin a new life in America. If they have no parents or relatives cannot be found, they will be cared for and eventually be adopted out. If they have parents or guardians, they will be released to enter America where they begin their new lives. The losers in this or the Border Patrol Agents who have to witness this pain and suffering on a daily basis. The Republicans and President Trump who are taking massive political hits at present because of the optics of this nightmare on the border. The America taxpayer who is getting clobbered for $35,000 a year to care for each child. Even the Democrats are being hammered because it was their Presidents Clinton and Obama who began and exacerbated this human tragedy.

In the end, it is the Democrats who cry for these children but are so willing to murder a baby as a matter of convenience. How hypocritical can one person be?